Goose Breast, Flank Steak, and Shrimp in Sous Vide

I went full multi-tasking in my sous vide cooker today.  I set the temperature to 127f and made two things for dinner today and one for tomorrow.

I started goose (for tomorrow) and flank steak (for this evening).  When dinner time was finally approaching I added some shrimp into the cooker.

Goose Breast: 1.5 days

Flank Steak: 6~7 hours

Shrimp: 15 minutes

Trying to make the fullest use of the time and heat energy.


One thought on “Goose Breast, Flank Steak, and Shrimp in Sous Vide

  1. Made another flank steak, this time spicing the steak with salt, white pepper, and allspice before placing it into the bag. I spiced it with fresh black pepper and cayenne just before grilling. Also, I slathered it with garlic confit while grilling.

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