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Val Mr Mustache Kleitz Taken by Cancer

I used to build and repair bicycles for Velocipede at 10th or 11th and Pine on Capital Hill many years ago and I worked with this crazy hoot of an enthusiast named Val.  Turns out he was struck down by cancer, but as you know when you get struck down it only makes you more powerful.

RIP: Val Kleitz helped us all stay “rubber side down”

Here are a couple of images of ol’ Val sporting his signature mustache and dressed as he fucking pleased (taken from the above linked article).

Val Kleitz
Val Kleitz
Val Kleitz
Val Kleitz

You can find more pictures of Val here.

One time this old dood brought us his bike for some minor service.  The bike was an old hulking steel monstrosity already destined to destroy your spine should you take a second floor walk-up.  But what really made it the talk of the shop was the fact that everything was connected to this frame using hose clamps.  Dozens of them.  Good times.

Rocket Pizza!  Ciao, Val.


Friends of the Jackson Reinhardt Urinary Traction Fund

The great Jackson Reinhardt, friend to many and beloved by all, has encountered some blockage in his urinary system.  It is unclear at this moment how serious this is, but the current projections place the expenses at around $2500.  This could rise if more complicated surgical procedures are required.

Action Jackson
Action Jackson

He is spending the day at a small veterinary surgical clinic here in Ballard.  This evening I will need to transport him to an overnight surgical facility in Shoreline where he will spend another half a day.  At that point we will know whether the expenses rise above that $2500 mark.

Pensive Jackson
Pensive Jackson

Jackson, as you have probably guessed, is not a rich cat.  He comes from humble beginnings and largely stays out of the limelight, with only brief forays across the lighted stage.  He wears a simple harness, and his leash retracts just like anybody else’s.

Alert Jackson
Alert Jackson

If you are able, please consider donating to the Friends of Jackson Reinhardt Urinary Traction Fund by sending money to that aloof baffoon who feeds Jackson.

PayPal donations accepted.
PayPal donations accepted.

Thank you for taking the time to read this plea.

(Please feel free to share this page.)


Brooklyn with Jon: Day 8


  • leave about 9
  • Prospect Park wandering
  • find many water features
  • then Historic House
  • then head for toilet and then B Botanic Gardens
  • then more toilet and Grand Army Plaza
  • then head for Stone House but closed
  • Stone Park Cafe
    • slider with spinach, quail’s egg, side of pickled carrot and celery (house made)
    • pork & duck liver taurine with cherries at topping (baked)
    • Short Rib Slider: quail egg, creamed spinach, house pickled vegetables $l3
  • Blue Print for great Manhattan
  • then back to Gpoint but oops let’s detour through Court Sq by wrong direction
  • then meet Jon, so tired
  • quick slice at Italy Pizza on Manhattan
  • walk down Manhattan to get a Good humor bar
  • home and sleep

Brooklyn with Jon: Day 7


  • Van Brunt Stillhouse
    • 6 Bay St
    • due W of N end of Prospect Park
    • open 1-6 weekends
  • Widow Jane Distillery
    • 214 Conover St
    • Open today 9:00 am – 5:00 pm
    • simple flight 3 samples
  • Cacao Prieto
    • open Saturday 11-7
    • tours noon, 2, & 4
    • didn’t buy any chocolate; no samples
  • Sixpoint Brewery
    • 40 Van Dyke St
    • Open today 8:00 am – 5:00 pm
    • next to Van Brunt Stillhouse
    • very friendly, talked for a while; closed for renovations
    • told me about a cordial maker on the corner which was also closed (showed no signs of life anyway)
  • Brooklyn Brewery
    • 79 N 11th St (near Jon)
    • closed today
  • Gee’s pizza
    • “anything else I can bring you?”  “yes, we ordered two pies.”
  • Champs Junior
    • blueberry pie (vegan meh)

Brooklyn with Jon: Day 6


  • Museum of the Moving Image 36-01 35th Ave (NE of 36th Ave & 31st St)
  • Socrates Sculpture Park 32-01 Vernon Blvd (take Q/N toward Astoria; leave train @ Broadway; walk W to park near water)
  • bbq joint beer and cornbread and Argentinian drummer
  • High Line from W 30th St to W 16th St park from old elevated line W of 10th Ave
  • wandering lower Manhattan
  • Madison Square Park and meet Jon
  • Eataly too busy, bought wild boar sopressata (~1/4 lb $11.02)
  • noodle house for dinner
  • Jon rode home and I took subway
  • met Polish Pietro? (Peter) and talked on platform and G train (one stop) about his alcoholic brother and other things

Brooklyn with Jon: Day 5


  • Shake Shack (Smoke Shack, fries, and vanilla custard with chocolate toffee mix-in)
  • Met
  • Central Park to CP West then C to memorial
  • burger bar for Bronx pale ale
  • O’Hara’s to see patches and scrapbook
  • 9/11 memorial (free Tuesday, get tix @ <16:00) Greenwich St & Liberty St
    • got 2 free tickets at 16:00 giveaway
    • visited two bars waiting for Jon at leave work and arrive there
    • discovered site was incorrect about 7 pm final entry (it’s 6:30 though sign said 6)
    • tried to talk way in to little avail
  • bahn mi Nom Pang 26th & Broadway
  • Times Square
  • W Village for comedy show
  • G train down for maintenance so took shuttle bus instead

Brooklyn with Jon: Day 4


  • MoMa PS1 22-25 Jackson Ave (Court Sq)
  • arrived at 10:36 doesn’t open until noon
  • eat eggs bennies at Court Square Diner
  • MoMa PS1 22-25 Jackson Ave (Court Sq) $10
  • Sculpture Center $5 donation
  • Home of Soccer 1745 1st Avenue (near 1st Ave & E 90th St) oops $58
  • Yankees Clubhouse Shop 110 E 59th St (near Park Ave & E 59th St) sorry pop, they are $250 but made with original wool
  • Booker & Dax 207 2nd Ave (E Village near 2nd Ave & E 13th St) didn’t understand address and thought it had changed
  • Pouring Ribbons 225 Avenue B (E Village near Ave B (W of 1st Ave) & E 14th St) best Ramos gin fizz ever with foam an inch over the glass rim (also very cool bubbly water dispenser with two pressures)
  • so many wrong turns it’s painful, seriously (never forget your compass)
  • Il Buco for dinner (house made salumi, bread, olive oil, gnocchi, pasta, and porchetta)

Brooklyn with Jon: Day 3


  • charge everything
  • (Jon went to Yoga)
  • shower
  • find fishhook on carpet
  • empty card + rsync
  • call mom, dad, brother
  • write notes
  • (Jon returns)
  • grocery shopping @ Associated
  • get salads @ The Garden for ribs later
  • eat at bodega in Brooklyn Heights (turkey & provolone on a roll, mexi-coke, ice cream sandwich for $8.50)
  • walk entire Brooklyn Promenade(?)
  • oops, it’s Smorgasburg
  • a storm is brewing
  • go to Williamsburg and play pinball @ Jack Bar (one beer for me, a white from Germany)
  • got half soaked running to Buddhist mediation class
  • got half soaked running to catch the b62 (one of three stacked up, probably not another for half an hour and we had to run behind it 2 blocks to catch it at the next stop since it didn’t stop as we were running to the corner)
  • back to Jon’s place for ribs (mine) and potato salad and carrot salad (salads from The Garden)
  • Jon roasts chicken breasts on bed of white onion and covered in parchment paper for his lunches
  • walk down Manhattan for dessert
  • peeked in @ Champs Jr (only one pie: apricot & chia)
  • ice cream @ Van Leeuwen Artisan Ice Cream
  • empty cams & rsync