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Some thugs trying to make good by bringing magical happy rainbows to all the world. So pay attention.

Ballard Rain

Dug up this old recording I made back in 2005 (30 August) of some heavy rain.  I was living over on 20th at the time in a quadroplex (fourplex) type building.  Recorded in the tiny back courtyard.  I used my Audio-Technica mic and probably one other (it’s in stereo).

Ballard Rain [Ogg Vorbis format]

Ballard Rain [mp3’s still suck]

You get maybe 20 seconds of this 28+ minute recording as a taste.  Hope you have fun.


Studio Bowls

I’ve been playing around with some stainless steel bowls in my studio.  Here are a couple of random outtakes.

This first sample is from a clean recording with no processing.

Here you can hear me playing with and free-form-manipulating the harmonics.

This second sample is a recording made through the Line6 Pod Farm using Rotary Drum + Horn, Adam and Eve, and a Compressor.

I especially like the echo-like effects I am able to get (without any echo used).

Love to have your thoughts on the matter.