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Ballard Rain

Dug up this old recording I made back in 2005 (30 August) of some heavy rain.  I was living over on 20th at the time in a quadroplex (fourplex) type building.  Recorded in the tiny back courtyard.  I used my Audio-Technica mic and probably one other (it’s in stereo).

Ballard Rain [Ogg Vorbis format]

Ballard Rain [mp3’s still suck]

You get maybe 20 seconds of this 28+ minute recording as a taste.  Hope you have fun.


Audibility Torn Assunder

I love technology.  It makes me giddy, gleeful.  I like telling people about techonology and hearing that “really? we can do that?” response.

In that spirit I have been introduced to a wicked new piece of software. It’s called Direct Note Access and it’s the brainchild of one Peter Neubäcker.

Special thanks to Technology Review for posting this article and also to the famous T. Malachi Dunworth for bringing this to my attention.

This software will allow recording engineers (including amateur, aspiring recording engineers like myself) to separate out individual notes within a given recording to correct, alter, or manipulate uniquely. That’s a huge step and one which a lot of people claimed could never be done.

Should be available real soon. Won’t make the Teenie Bopper Bimbos from Hell© Kitty sound any better though.


Recording a-go-go Gadget

I just picked up a new toy (the H4 or Handy Recorder from Zoom).

I am happy to have found something like this. It brings together a number of wishes I have entertained into one small package.

I can use it to connect microphones or musical instruments into computers with different operating systems via USB. It has two combo plugs (XLR and 1/4 inch) as well as a set of built-in stereo mics.

The thing gets power either from an included wall wort, 2AA batteries (not included), or through a USB connection.

It will record in either mp3 (up to 320) or wav (up to 96).

I should be able to make use of this to do any number of field recording projects I have in mind, but I can also make pretty good use of it in the studio until I am able to afford something better.

So now I can take this little guy, my laptop, a couple of microphones, and some cables in a small bag to some club and do a fair approximation of a professional live recording. Or just the device, clandestinely, and do a stellar if unprofessional live recording.

Ok, back to my ultra portable studio.