Jim Page & Grant Dermody 20 August (Saturday)


Who doesn’t love a legend? I mean… Robin Hood, Luke Skywalker, Jim Page; the folks who re-write the pages of history. Come see our favorite Seattle folk legend and have a potluck. Music, food, and friends (old and new).

You know the drill: music, friends, potluck, sun. I’ll be maknig my famous pork loin. Let us know what you’ll be bringing in the comments. Questions in the comments or write to James directly.

On the bill:

Tobias the Owl http://www.tobiastheowl.com/
Grant Dermody http://grantdermody.com/
Jim Page http://jimpage.net/

If you bring a kiddie pool or a bucket, I’ll fill it with water for your footsies.

See comments below for more infromation.

Thank you to everyone who came out to see these excellent musicians for an intimate afternoon. Special thanks to Harry Oesterreicher for bringing a kiddie pool. And of course thanks to Jim Page, Grant Dermody, and Tobias TheOwl for putting on such a fine show.

Kiddie pool is still wet if you have dry feet…

The Kiddie Pool has landed! And there is some music too…

My gas grill is… available. It’s a bit tricky due to construction. Let me know if you were hoping to use it. Should be no trouble.

Tea is in the sun; pork is in the smoke. Better get to cleaning…

Making garlic confit in my sous vide: 4 bulbs garlic, olive oil, a shallot sautéd in butter, smoked paprika, and salt. We’ll give it four hours at 190f.

Pork loin brine: 16 limes (juice and zest), 2 bulbs garlic, chicken stock, frozen apple juice concentrate, bay leaves, salt. Gonna chill that over night.

What are you bringing? My usual pie source is out of time this show…

If anyone is coming from or through Wallingford, our friend Alan Wolfson (and His Famous Broken Foot) could use a lift?



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