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Brooklyn with Jon: Day 1


  • flight
  • airtrain, q, g, lost a bit then found
  • climb rail to get key from above door, dirty hands
  • laser cut key?
  • settled luggage
  • walkabout, see charcuterie, Old Polish Bakery,The Brew Inn
  • back to apt to meet Jon, more getting settled, roommate brother died suddenly and is out of town instead
  • get burger & beer @ The Brew Inn
  • piss @ Lake Street Bar
  • beer @ Diamond Bar
  • beer @ No Name Bar
  • Torst super fancy beers who refused to bring our check
  • last quarter of hockey semi-finals at oldster place called Pit Stop
  • rooftop potting session with coolness and view (lamenting coming construction)

Brooklyn with Jon: Day 2


  • rise ~9:30
  • empty cams + rsync
  • walkabout Coney Island
  • boardwalk
  • White Castle
  • wind + salt
  • wind + grit
  • walkabout Brighton Beach
  • Avenue J & Di Fara Pizza
  • walkabout Manhattan
  • no food sorrow walk
  • death of Nom Pang?
  • sore and tired
  • look The Strand!
  • look Eatily!
  • Nom Pang second location closed at 9:30
  • Eatily is huge walkthrough
  • ate mexifare (meh) but the ladies were flirting and that makes up for a lot

Brooklyn with Jon: Day 3


  • charge everything
  • (Jon went to Yoga)
  • shower
  • find fishhook on carpet
  • empty card + rsync
  • call mom, dad, brother
  • write notes
  • (Jon returns)
  • grocery shopping @ Associated
  • get salads @ The Garden for ribs later
  • eat at bodega in Brooklyn Heights (turkey & provolone on a roll, mexi-coke, ice cream sandwich for $8.50)
  • walk entire Brooklyn Promenade(?)
  • oops, it’s Smorgasburg
  • a storm is brewing
  • go to Williamsburg and play pinball @ Jack Bar (one beer for me, a white from Germany)
  • got half soaked running to Buddhist mediation class
  • got half soaked running to catch the b62 (one of three stacked up, probably not another for half an hour and we had to run behind it 2 blocks to catch it at the next stop since it didn’t stop as we were running to the corner)
  • back to Jon’s place for ribs (mine) and potato salad and carrot salad (salads from The Garden)
  • Jon roasts chicken breasts on bed of white onion and covered in parchment paper for his lunches
  • walk down Manhattan for dessert
  • peeked in @ Champs Jr (only one pie: apricot & chia)
  • ice cream @ Van Leeuwen Artisan Ice Cream
  • empty cams & rsync

Brooklyn with Jon: Day 4


  • MoMa PS1 22-25 Jackson Ave (Court Sq)
  • arrived at 10:36 doesn’t open until noon
  • eat eggs bennies at Court Square Diner
  • MoMa PS1 22-25 Jackson Ave (Court Sq) $10
  • Sculpture Center $5 donation
  • Home of Soccer 1745 1st Avenue (near 1st Ave & E 90th St) oops $58
  • Yankees Clubhouse Shop 110 E 59th St (near Park Ave & E 59th St) sorry pop, they are $250 but made with original wool
  • Booker & Dax 207 2nd Ave (E Village near 2nd Ave & E 13th St) didn’t understand address and thought it had changed
  • Pouring Ribbons 225 Avenue B (E Village near Ave B (W of 1st Ave) & E 14th St) best Ramos gin fizz ever with foam an inch over the glass rim (also very cool bubbly water dispenser with two pressures)
  • so many wrong turns it’s painful, seriously (never forget your compass)
  • Il Buco for dinner (house made salumi, bread, olive oil, gnocchi, pasta, and porchetta)

Brooklyn with Jon: Day 5


  • Shake Shack (Smoke Shack, fries, and vanilla custard with chocolate toffee mix-in)
  • Met
  • Central Park to CP West then C to memorial
  • burger bar for Bronx pale ale
  • O’Hara’s to see patches and scrapbook
  • 9/11 memorial (free Tuesday, get tix @ <16:00) Greenwich St & Liberty St
    • got 2 free tickets at 16:00 giveaway
    • visited two bars waiting for Jon at leave work and arrive there
    • discovered site was incorrect about 7 pm final entry (it’s 6:30 though sign said 6)
    • tried to talk way in to little avail
  • bahn mi Nom Pang 26th & Broadway
  • Times Square
  • W Village for comedy show
  • G train down for maintenance so took shuttle bus instead

Brooklyn with Jon: Day 6


  • Museum of the Moving Image 36-01 35th Ave (NE of 36th Ave & 31st St)
  • Socrates Sculpture Park 32-01 Vernon Blvd (take Q/N toward Astoria; leave train @ Broadway; walk W to park near water)
  • bbq joint beer and cornbread and Argentinian drummer
  • High Line from W 30th St to W 16th St park from old elevated line W of 10th Ave
  • wandering lower Manhattan
  • Madison Square Park and meet Jon
  • Eataly too busy, bought wild boar sopressata (~1/4 lb $11.02)
  • noodle house for dinner
  • Jon rode home and I took subway
  • met Polish Pietro? (Peter) and talked on platform and G train (one stop) about his alcoholic brother and other things

Brooklyn with Jon: Day 7


  • Van Brunt Stillhouse
    • 6 Bay St
    • due W of N end of Prospect Park
    • open 1-6 weekends
  • Widow Jane Distillery
    • 214 Conover St
    • Open today 9:00 am – 5:00 pm
    • simple flight 3 samples
  • Cacao Prieto
    • open Saturday 11-7
    • tours noon, 2, & 4
    • didn’t buy any chocolate; no samples
  • Sixpoint Brewery
    • 40 Van Dyke St
    • Open today 8:00 am – 5:00 pm
    • next to Van Brunt Stillhouse
    • very friendly, talked for a while; closed for renovations
    • told me about a cordial maker on the corner which was also closed (showed no signs of life anyway)
  • Brooklyn Brewery
    • 79 N 11th St (near Jon)
    • closed today
  • Gee’s pizza
    • “anything else I can bring you?”  “yes, we ordered two pies.”
  • Champs Junior
    • blueberry pie (vegan meh)

Brooklyn with Jon: Day 8


  • leave about 9
  • Prospect Park wandering
  • find many water features
  • then Historic House
  • then head for toilet and then B Botanic Gardens
  • then more toilet and Grand Army Plaza
  • then head for Stone House but closed
  • Stone Park Cafe
    • slider with spinach, quail’s egg, side of pickled carrot and celery (house made)
    • pork & duck liver taurine with cherries at topping (baked)
    • Short Rib Slider: quail egg, creamed spinach, house pickled vegetables $l3
  • Blue Print for great Manhattan
  • then back to Gpoint but oops let’s detour through Court Sq by wrong direction
  • then meet Jon, so tired
  • quick slice at Italy Pizza on Manhattan
  • walk down Manhattan to get a Good humor bar
  • home and sleep