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Kiss 2023 Good-bye on 31 Dec

Die Box
Die Box

Time to ask yourself that age old question:  Do I commit to barfing in a sports bar at 23:47 or do I play games with JCo?

Tough decision.  We are here for you.

I’ll post more details about food and games later.  Watch for updates.

If barfing is really important to you, there is always the backyard.

Some folks are wholly committed.

Games we have played in previous years:

  • Settlers of Catan
  • Pandemic
  • Valley of the Pharaohs
  • Sortie
  • Cards Against Humanity

I have made some porter ice cream for JB’s cookies.

I am making banana bread today.

I am making queso today.  Spicy!

Not as spicy as I’d dreamed…

I am making red curry with chicken and potatoes today.

Black Rice
Black Rice

Also, I made pecan JD brittle to put in the sandwiches but also some to eat.

If you are contemplating bevs, J Lohr makes an excellent oaked chardonnay.


I should make curry more often.


2023 Welcoming Warmer Game Night

It’s that time of year again.  You must decide “do I commit to barfing in a sports bar at 23:47 or do I play games with JCo?”.  Tough decision.  We are here for you.

I’ll post more details about food and games later.  Watch for updates.

Game Pieces for Peace
Game Pieces for Peace
Mostly BS
Mostly BS

Let me know if you plan to bring any nibbles or if you have any questions.

I’m making a tomato and meat based pasta sauce and I’ll have pasta (duh).

Making weed brownies.  Come early to test potency.

Wondering about bringing something?  Crusty bread, garlic bread, green salad, clean-finger snacks (games), third bottle of bubbles?  Ask me anything.

Enter the yard from 24th but come around to the back door.  Orange porch light.

Harry Oesterreicher sends his regards for the New Year.


Biggest Game to See 2020

You are probably thinking “I’ve seen a lot of good music this year and played some too, but where can I go to relax, laugh at complete strangers, and shoot my best friend’s fighter plane out of the air?”. I know we all do from time to time. This is your chance for all of the above and a bit of warm food!

Why not bring your Bessie to our castle made of sand and game a little game with me? A splendid time is guaranteed for all!

Ask questions. Get answers!

New Year Games Night

Good friends and some bubbly to accompany table-top games like Sortie and Valley of the Pharaohs. Snacks and maybe I’ll make some proper food. Not sure yet. More information to follow.

This is at least our fourth year doing a game night to celebrate the new year. How many people come will tell which game(s) get played. If you have any questions, ask Jimmy or post in the Event and let the community respond.

Regardless of what you do, be safe and have fun!

I was thinking of making chicken curry.  Feel free to voice any thoughts about games, snacks, or food.

I picked up some sparkling rose.  Good for what ails you!

I am on target for making chicken curry (in a vaguely Thai style).

If you are bringing some food or drink, please post about it.  Folks are asking me what to bring and I don’t know what to suggest since I don’t know what you are bringing!  Speak up!

I also have a couple bottles of vinho verde.  Thanks, Russell Lowke!

New Year Games Night

With the last of the gamers gone I’m going to choose bed over cleaning.  Don’t judge me!  Thanks everyone for making such a fun night!


Calendar Reset Game Day

Well, the god of the day has successfully kicked the god of the night in the nads and sent him crawling.  It’ll take that poor god months to get his bearings again and head back this way.

Nonetheless, our calendar arbitrarily ends Thursday at midnight and last year we made a nice game night of it.  We played several rounds of Sortie.

I am opening my home, my table(s), and my game cupboards to my gaming besties.  Let’s make another fine mess of it, Ollie?!

Come hang out, miss all the stupid drunk persons.  All our persons will be at least modestly intelligent.

Game discussions welcome.

RSVP because I only have so many chairs.

I have decided to make goulash (based on my mom’s recipe).  Let me know if you’d like to bring any game-appropriate snacks.

I picked a couple bottles of bubbles just in case gamers be gettin’ crazy.

You know how in fairy stories someone is always saying how important it is to stay on the path?  My front yard is a bit like a fairy story:  stay on the path and no harm will come to you.  There are now three paths all leading to the front door.

Goulash is on; bubbles are chilling; I had a go at brittle (consider it a test run); finishing some dishes.  Looks like I’ll be able to lie down for a spell before anyone gets here.  Questions?  Best to call me at this point.  (My phone number is on my About page here.)

Calendar Reset Game Day

Fun fun fun.  Thanks, everyone.