Kiss 2023 Good-bye on 31 Dec

Die Box
Die Box

Time to ask yourself that age old question:  Do I commit to barfing in a sports bar at 23:47 or do I play games with JCo?

Tough decision.  We are here for you.

I’ll post more details about food and games later.  Watch for updates.

If barfing is really important to you, there is always the backyard.

Some folks are wholly committed.

Games we have played in previous years:

  • Settlers of Catan
  • Pandemic
  • Valley of the Pharaohs
  • Sortie
  • Cards Against Humanity

I have made some porter ice cream for JB’s cookies.

I am making banana bread today.

I am making queso today.  Spicy!

Not as spicy as I’d dreamed…

I am making red curry with chicken and potatoes today.

Black Rice
Black Rice

Also, I made pecan JD brittle to put in the sandwiches but also some to eat.

If you are contemplating bevs, J Lohr makes an excellent oaked chardonnay.


I should make curry more often.


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