Perpetual Peavine Alley What-to-Bring Page

This is the Perpetual Peavine Alley What-to-Bring Page (P PA WtB P).

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What to Bring?

  • Money:  The show is free but you will likely want to donate to the musicians (usually $20~25 per person and maybe buy some merchandise).  (Music shows only.)
  • Friends:  Cool friends are great.  You want to invite a posse?  Talk to Jimmy.
  • Seating:  Camping chair, blanket, or similar.  I have some to share.
  • Potluck:  Can you make that thing you always love to make?  That would be great for sharing!  There is a grill available.  If you have any special kitchen needs, send Jimmy a message or ask in the Fb event.  (Game nights and movie nights tend to be more snack oriented, unless there is a dinner beforehand.  )
  • Bevs:  If you can sip it, it’s good.  Share if you’d like.  I always make sun-tea.
  • Pets:  My cat has total dominion over the yard and is restricted by a 28 foot retractable leash.  Fucking with the cat is a no-no.  That is the most important pet rule.  (Outdoor shows only.  For indoor events, ensure the doors remain closed so he can’t get out.)
  • Love:  Bring it!  Bring it all!
  • Shirts and shoes required?  They’re not even recommended!

Special notes for movie nights:  It gets chilly here when the sun goes down.  Dress for winter.  I mean, Seattle winter.  Let’s not get crazy.  Bring a jacket.  And your blankie.

Also, I have a popcorn machine in case that changes any of your plans.

Of course you can donate to Peavine Alley and the good cause any time using the HelpMe link on all pages here.