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Dumber’an W

I have been advocating the introduction into English parlance a new phrase.  I think you will find this phrase useful in many situations and that it will grow fruitfully.  I am proud to bring this phrase for the first time to the Internet:

Why, that’s as dumb as W!

There can be many variations upon this basic theme and I encourage you all to explore the possibilities.  This will open new worlds to your discovery.

So there is no confusion surrounding the usage of this new phrase, let’s take a look at how it might be used.  Let’s say your little brother walks into the room and announces he is going to marry the girl next door.  You might respond, “That’s as dumb as W!  Your nine; she’s ten; it’ll never work.”

Alternatively, your friend may come up to you and claim that Clapton is a better guitar player than Hendrix.  You can cooly reply, “Sometimes you’re dumber than W!  Hendrix unleashed the electric guitar.  Clapton merely played it.”

Apparently in conjuction with my efforts, Oliver Stone has made a new movie.  I can hardly wait.