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Time: Illusion or Magazine?

Predicting the future is no easy task, but nothing worth doing ever is.  Right?  Right?

Kurt Gödel tells us, proves rather convincingly in fact, that time itself is a farce.  Consider for a moment that old physics relic: The Ether.  Nice theoretical tool but look where it went.  Eventually there was nothing to support it.  It could not be detected.  It could not be measured.  It really didn’t seem to have any causal or substantial reality.  It became, as my old philosophy professor was so fond of saying, a dangler.  The Ether was just hanging off the edge with no real purpose.  So it got trimmed.  Kurt Gödel has slipped time into that sort of dangler status.

He called into question the notions we all have concerning the flow of time.  How does this perceptive, intuitive experience relate to the actual physical world around us?

Can we really flip through time (through very fast space travel within particularly curved-space universes) as we might flip through the glossy pages of a magazine (presumably made of Teflon so as not to burst into flame)?

Very difficult questions.

However, we are here more interested in predictions about the future.  I know that we have all had ideas about what the shape of the future could be like.  Is it going to be shaped like that poor snake who just ate an elephant?

I predict—and I feel very confident that this will come to pass—the Psychic Says category will one day overflow with the hopes and dreams of our crack team of psychics.  These things just happen.