Peavine Alley

Events and announcements:

  • Music:  2 July 15:00 gates 16:00 music Big Boom Bash Peavine Independence Celebration with five acts.
  • Music:  ? August 15:00 gates 16:00 music Furniture Girls (with Pop Cycle).

Event Information:

  • Music:
    • Potluck
    • Picnic
    • BBQ
  • Movies:
    • Potluck
    • Fire
    • Blankets
  • Games:
    • Potluck
    • Dice
    • Shuffling

Videos from shows:

Previous Events:

What to Bring?

  • Seating:  Camping chair, blanket, or similar.  I have some to share.
  • Potluck:  Can you make that thing you always love to make?  That would be great for sharing!  There is a grill available.  If you have any special kitchen needs, send Jimmy a message or ask here.
  • Bevs:  If you can sip it, it’s good.  Share if you’d like.  I always make iced-tea.
  • Friends:  Cool friends are great.  You want to invite a posse?  Talk to Jimmy.
  • Pets:  My cat has total dominion over the yard and is restricted by a 28 foot retractable leash.  Fucking with the cat is a no-no.  That is the most important pet rule.
  • Money:  The show is free but you will likely want to donate to the musicians (usually $20~25 per person and maybe buy some merchandise).
  • Love:  Bring it!  Bring it all!
  • Shirts and shoes required?  They’re not even recommended!