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In his book Creativity (p 100), John Cleese offers four questions one ought ask of a test reader:

  1. Where were you bored?
  2. Where Could you not understand what was going on?
  3. Where did you not find things credible?
  4. Was there anything that you found emotionally confusing?

Thanks, John.


A primary object should be the education of our youth in the science of government.  In a republic, what species of knowledge can be equally important?  And what duty more pressing than communicating it to those who are to be the future guardians of the liberties of the country?

–– George Washington

You can find this quoted here.

This lines up nicely with my prescription to emphasize teaching philosophy and economics to our young.  These are precisely the areas of knowledge one would want to navigate a democracy with any monitary system (but especially any form of capitalism).


It is impossible to glance through any newspaper, no matter what the say, the month, or the year, without finding on every line the most frightful traces of human perversity… Every newspaper, from the first line to the last, is nothing but a tissue of horrors.  Wars, crimes, thefts, lecheries, tortures, the evil deeds of princes, of nations, of private individuals; an orgy of universal atrocity.  And it is with this loathsome appetizer that civilized man daily washes down his morning repast.

–– Charles Baudelaire (1860’s) from his journal as quoted in Regarding the Pain of Others by Susan Sontag p 137