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Autism and the Brain EQ

Here is a great article discussing one particular mental ordering (autism) and how diagnosis changes and does not change lives.  I find this story to be compelling because it lays bare the defining mental orders and how mental ordering defines individuals.

When We Realized My Husband Has Autism

My usual metaphor for brain traits is an enormous equalizer loaded with perhaps billions of sliders.  You could conceptualize these sliders as broad categories like autism or obsessive compulsive disorder, but it may be more appropriate to scale the sliders as individual traits like those which make up the diagnostic criteria for the various mental states we have so-far defined.

In any given individual a particular slider may be higher or lower depending on various contributing factors.  It would be somewhat rare to locate someone who had all the sliders for a particular concept (autism or even masculinity) pushed all the way to the top (or pulled all the way down), but we should expect that for any given individual few sliders would be resting right in the middle.

(This model should work for genetic expression as well.)

Food for thought.


Gender Bias: The Hyper-Masculine Cage

Something I point out repeatedly is that masculine images are pointed toward a mountain peak where no oxygen tank can take us.  Please read this article discussing certain clues a piece is sexist against males:

Five Signs Your Story Is Sexist – Against Men

I think the assessment of Scott Pilgrim is the only flaw in the article.  Pilgrim fights males and females,  is more capable of expressing his emotion than is the female he pursues, and of course the female certainly does not fall into Scott’s lap.

Aside from that the article is flawless.

Share your thoughts?  No pressure.


My Imaginary Friend…

Here I will offer reinterpretations of things humans say.  The purpose is to show how odd the original thing said was.  We’ll see how well these translate.

My imaginary friend has a purpose for your pain, a reason for your struggles, and a gift for your faithfulness.

With my imaginary friend all things are possible.

I never thought sobriety could be this satisfying.  Since I put down the drugs, my imaginary friend has blessed me in immeasurable ways.

Don’t worry, my imaginary friend is never blind to your tears, never deaf to your prayers, and never silent to your pain.


Into the Shadows from Whence They Came

Yea, verily I say unto you be kind, respectful, and loving toward thine own self, thine own helpers and servers and protectors, thine own kin and friends and relations, thine own species and kindred species, and thine own home and home world.  Or, basically, don’t be an asshole, wipe your ass, and help everyone clean up once in a while.

I came across a terrific article on the decline of religiosity, the advancement of anti-secretism, and our position in this historical flow.

This is my favorite quote:

If we are lucky—if human health and security continue to rise and spread around the globe—churches might evolve into humanist communities and social clubs, dedicated to good works, with distinctive ceremonies and disappearing doctrine, except for a scattering of reclusive sects marked by something like institutional paranoia.

You can read the entire article here:

Why the Future of Religion Is Bleak

Get thee out of the nunnery, Ophelia!  Get out there and do something good in the world.


Doc Savage Documentary

If you are interested in the history of comics you will be interested in looking into the important precursors of comics, namely certain pulp figures.  Of especial interest for me is the figure of Doc Savage.  His place in the evolution of comics, heroes, and general iconography is clear and vital.

Here is a decent if sparse (on information) three part mini-documentary discussing Doc Savage.

It could be better described as an extended bibliography for all things Doc Savage more than a documentary, but there are certainly worse ways to spend half an hour.