Brooklyn with Jon: Day 3


  • charge everything
  • (Jon went to Yoga)
  • shower
  • find fishhook on carpet
  • empty card + rsync
  • call mom, dad, brother
  • write notes
  • (Jon returns)
  • grocery shopping @ Associated
  • get salads @ The Garden for ribs later
  • eat at bodega in Brooklyn Heights (turkey & provolone on a roll, mexi-coke, ice cream sandwich for $8.50)
  • walk entire Brooklyn Promenade(?)
  • oops, it’s Smorgasburg
  • a storm is brewing
  • go to Williamsburg and play pinball @ Jack Bar (one beer for me, a white from Germany)
  • got half soaked running to Buddhist mediation class
  • got half soaked running to catch the b62 (one of three stacked up, probably not another for half an hour and we had to run behind it 2 blocks to catch it at the next stop since it didn’t stop as we were running to the corner)
  • back to Jon’s place for ribs (mine) and potato salad and carrot salad (salads from The Garden)
  • Jon roasts chicken breasts on bed of white onion and covered in parchment paper for his lunches
  • walk down Manhattan for dessert
  • peeked in @ Champs Jr (only one pie: apricot & chia)
  • ice cream @ Van Leeuwen Artisan Ice Cream
  • empty cams & rsync

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