Brooklyn with Jon: Day 4


  • MoMa PS1 22-25 Jackson Ave (Court Sq)
  • arrived at 10:36 doesn’t open until noon
  • eat eggs bennies at Court Square Diner
  • MoMa PS1 22-25 Jackson Ave (Court Sq) $10
  • Sculpture Center $5 donation
  • Home of Soccer 1745 1st Avenue (near 1st Ave & E 90th St) oops $58
  • Yankees Clubhouse Shop 110 E 59th St (near Park Ave & E 59th St) sorry pop, they are $250 but made with original wool
  • Booker & Dax 207 2nd Ave (E Village near 2nd Ave & E 13th St) didn’t understand address and thought it had changed
  • Pouring Ribbons 225 Avenue B (E Village near Ave B (W of 1st Ave) & E 14th St) best Ramos gin fizz ever with foam an inch over the glass rim (also very cool bubbly water dispenser with two pressures)
  • so many wrong turns it’s painful, seriously (never forget your compass)
  • Il Buco for dinner (house made salumi, bread, olive oil, gnocchi, pasta, and porchetta)

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