2022 birthday bbq

Jimmy got old. Probably died. But maybe he’ll be propped up (Bernie style) at the grill.

Bring bbq stuff. Hopefully the weather won’t be crap. Never can tell with Spring in Seattle.  Dress in layers.

How to BBQ
How to BBQ

I plan to make ribs, potato salad, and something I can’t remember at the moment. Maybe it was cheesy rice? It’ll come to me.

Ah, it was salmon goat cheese dip. That’s the third thing. Have to save cheesy rice for another time.

Ask me all your questions.

I have one of those fancy whipping cream dispensers.  It requires a CO2 cartridge though.  Bring a cartridge if you want to dispense.

Turnout was amazing! Thanks everyone! So much fun and nibbles.


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