Smoked Almonds

I did this once before.  It was great.  Thought I might try adding a bit of brown sugar this time around.  We’ll see where that takes it.

I started with the below.  I vaguely remember using a combination of olive oil and butter last time.  Could be wrong though.   We’ll see what I do next time.


  • 48 oz bag of almonds (about 11 C)
  • 2 t cayenne
  • 2 T salt
  • 2 T brown sugar
  • 2 T peanut oil

Put the almonds into a large bowl and coat thoroughly with olive oil.  Combine spices in a mortar and pestle or a ramekin.  Sprinkle and mix into almonds, again coating thoroughly.

Put them in a single layer in pans for your smoker of choice.  Smoke hot (250f to 300f) for some time (twenty minutes or until satisfyingly roasted).

Not as good as my previous batch (down to good from amazing).  I’ll have to experiment more.

Maybe borrow from this one next time.

New attempt…

  • almonds
  • 3 T butter + 2 T peanut oil combined
  • 2 T salt
  • 2 T brown sugar
  • 2 t cayenne
  • 1 t nutmeg
  • 1 t molasses

Note to self, coat the almonds in oil first and then apply the dry spices.  Combining those makes it impossible to distribute the dry spices.

Into the smoker at 275f (top temp) and check in half an hour but I would guess a couple of hours.  If memory serves it took some time previously.  (Roasting almonds is typically done at 325f for maybe twenty minutes.)

This batch was better excluding the aforementioned idiocy about mixing ingredients.  Watch for the third attempt which I hope to solidify the recipe and the technique.


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