20211216 Paris

New neighborhood, new direction for walking.  Stopped at the Italian themed Pizza Pino for steak and fries.  Though the french do have the word rare, you’ll want to use saignant for meat doneness.  They will be pleased both with your knowledge of this word as well is your appreciation of properly prepared meats.  It came with a pepper sauce and a gorgonzola sauce.

I did a bit of writing and relaxing and chatted with the waiter.  We talked about the different French accents and how some people were much easier for me to understand than others (not necessarily according to regional accents).

Then why not some dessert?  They have a special dessert item which combines la crème caramel, la mousse chocolat, et une glace with une tasse de thé.  I chose Earl Gray and stracciatella.

Eventually I made my way back to chez Fred but immediately turned toward La Musée Carnavalet.  This is a free museum of the history of Paris.  You’ll want to give yourself at least a couple of hours to see this one.  I arrived at 16:30 (half an hour before my ticket time) and they booted me at 17:30 (half an hour before closing, and this was not enough time to see but one and a half floors.  On the plus side, returning another time would still be free.

Back again to chez Fred for a bit of chit chat and a puff and some boxed pizza (seriously good bake yourself pizza).  Then out for another walk.  Even though this has been a very casual day I still managed to put in 15k steps.

I decided to revisit La Fontaine and ordered the a combination plate they offer with cheeses and cured meats and pâté.  In spite of being 12.90e it was impressive in size.  And of course it was amazing.  Also put down a couple of glasses of an amazing rosé Corse.

Then back again for more discussion with Fred before crashing.


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