Pandemic Big Boom Bash 4 July

We have five acts lined up for this year.  We are also asking for volunteers to rotationally man the potluck (we have gloves, please bring a mask) and to serve food.  Let’s look at the line-up.

Tobias the Owl:
Dearly Departed:

We have a lot of space so physical distancing should be possible for all.  If you are in a high-risk group, we have a special seating area; please advise an administrator.

3:00 PM Peavine Gates open!
4:00 PM Robbie Christmas [cancelled]
4:45 PM Goodbye Shane [cancelled]
5:30 PM Tobias the Owl
6:15 PM Cape Disappointment (Seattle’s Jeffrey Martin) [cancelled]
7:00 PM Dearly Departed

What's he gonna do this time?
What’s he gonna do this time?

Are you trying to kill me?

Trying times what with the current zombie apocalypse aiming at us all.  Let’s explore what Peavine Alley is doing for you in the midst of this crisis.

Though the current Washington State guidelines do not apply to a private venue such as the Alley, let us begin our exploration there as they are both reasonable and clear.  Citizens are requested to wear masks (or similar coverings) when they are in public spaces (both indoors and out) and where physical distancing is not possible.

Two strangers playing chess across a table should be wearing something to cover or shield their airways.  One person off alone in a park needn’t concern.

Peavine Alley is not requiring any individual to wear a mask in order to gain entrance to this event.  But we must make it clear we are not sponsoring a conspiracy theory laden free-for-all spittle-fest in a grassy Petri dish.  You will use your best judgement.  Let’s go over some reasonable scenarios.

You and your besty who either live together or spend all of your maskless lives together may thus cluster together without masks sharing your spittle with only yourselves.

One of you gets up and walks to the buffet line, they ought to mask-up as they encounter strangers and converse over what they might like to plate.

The phrases “let’s mask-up” and “please, mask-up” are legitimate phrases for this gathering, but given the above they will likely never be spoken across a distance.  Also, what one does to mask-up may be quite diverse, up to and including using their shirt to cover their nose and mouth long enough to pass a stranger in a narrow passage.

It is important to note that the musicians will not be able to mask-up full-time, nor will your esteemed host (obviously I mean low self-esteem, calm down!).  We are all in this together and if you are reasonable, polite, and helpful we will all come out the other end better for the experience.

As mentioned previously, if you are in a higher-risk category (especially immunocompromised in any way), please reach out so that we can seek to make any appropriate accommodations we might be able to make so that your experience can be as good as mine hopes to be.

As always, send your questions to me.

I am happy to announce we have secured a special seating area for high-risk guests.

We are set to cast this event.  More details to follow.  Bill Landon!

Loin brine: lime juice, honey, salt, bay leaves, pepper corns, cloves.
Rib prep: brown sugar, salt, cloves, pepper.
Loin spice: salt, cayenne, cinnamon, white pepper, cardamom.
Rib spice: white pepper, cumin cayenne.

Test ribs…
Test ribs…

I have arranged things so that I and perhaps one volunteer (at a time) can serve any contributed food items (including my loin and ribs).  As such the pergola itself will have restricted access.  If possible, bring your dish with a clear lid.  If not we’ll sort something out with plastic wrap I have here.  Thanks!

I know I cannot make people unafraid.  There are good reasons to be afraid.  But we have taken all the steps we are able to ensure safety, and we know from experience how respectful our gatherers will be.

I have already said that everyone has to make their own risk assessment, and of course this must be true (really at all times and under all circumstances).

Again, please reach out to me if you have any concerns or would like to discuss the science behind the current mayhem.

We hope to have a streaming link available soon.  Keep checking.

Sweet and smooth sound check by Tobias the Owl
It’s a beautiful afternoon at Peavine Alley


Dearly Departed
Dearly Departed
Harry O
Harry O
James Cook
James Cook
Tobias the Owl
Tobias the Owl

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