RED Twins Movietime at Peavine Alley

Please note the new date: 26 July Saturday.

Back by popular demand, a double feature of comic book movie miraculousness. Not everyone retires to a life of quietude. Some of us retire with extreme prejudice aligned against us. This usually leads to blowing shit up.

I am thrilled they made two of these and that they are both so great. They’ll probably make a third, but for now we have these two.

The weather dogs are pissing on our dahlias! Same Peatime; new peadate: 26 July 19:00. Here’s to dryer days.

Reminder: we gather in my backyard for these great films one week from today, Saturday 26 July. Sunset is scheduled for 20:52 according to the Pacific Science Center. Come early and stake your claim on a small plot of my land.

Though it did not rain hard last night it rained long. Next Saturday is predicted to be sunny and 76, thus moving this to next week is looking like an excellent decision. See you all on Saturday. Questions? Send them my way.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on sangria. I often make it for these events, but only some of the time is it popular. Would you like me to make sangria for Saturday?

Looks like we will have a pretty nice turn-out tomorrow. See you all then. (I will make some sangria, sheesh.)

Sangria’s in the… jug. Have a great day in the sun and I’ll see you come evening.

This just in: Tonight is the Torchlight Parade in Seattle. Looks like 99 is closed as well. Plan accordingly. Once you get here, I can guarantee relaxation. Drive safe. See you soon.

So, I have two hammock stations and only one hammock. If you have a hammock and you’d like to bring it, give me a call (my phone is on my About page) and we’ll discuss the details. Nearly any hammock should work. Let me know.

A big thank you to everyone who attended for a very successful double-feature. Thanks to Robert Hartley for bringing the big Wagyū to the grill. Thanks to Rachel Hartley for doing the same with her garden-fresh yellow squash. Thanks to Nize King for grilling a million sausages (he is now Tong-Master Kwon). Thanks to Patrick Gaillard for helping haul the gear out and then back in again. Thanks to Craig and Hannah J. Price for the additional sausages.

And the Red Vines. And the mini cinnamon rolls. And…

Yes, thanks to all. It was a great night with a pair of great films.

Oh, and I made five packs of popcorn in my machine which I believe is a Peavine Alley record.


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