The Return of John Elliott on Friday 15 August

John Elliott is coming back to town and back to Peavine Alley.  Let’s welcome him with open arms.

Our aim is to have the music start by seven (gates open at six).  John Elliott will do one set on my patio with his guitar, and then he will do a second set (after the sun leaves us) in my living room at my piano!  (I know, right?!)

John is travelling light this time around the country.  He’s just riding his bicycle from gig to gig apparently.  He’ll have some give-aways but no objects for sale.  As such I want to encourage everyone to give what you can to this great musician, and take a moment to say thank you.

I’ll look to post a link for buying his music at some point for those who would like to have more John Elliott in their personal collections.  We are looking forward to seeing you all.

In the meantime, why not check out some of his music?

John’s music is available for purchase through iTunes (of course, right?) and you can link through his site to any of his albums.

I’ll try to post some music clips of him as well.

The Hereafter Is Here recordings

Friday is rapidly approaching.  Keep this picture in your mind:  John Elliott is bicycling like mad from Austin or perhaps the Motor City with a guitar strapped to his back wearing a t-shirt emblazoned with ‘Ballard or Bust’.  Actual events may vary.  Nonetheless by Friday evening he will be cleaned (well, rock and roll cleaned) and ready play.

I have made it vastly easier to locate my house from the street (in the alley just look for the yellowing pea vines) by cutting the bow off of an at least 50 foot mountain ash.  Not only is there a huge stick poking out of the ground (aka the trunk) still a good 30 feet, but there are also huge piles of former mountain ash bow identifying my front yard.  The orange berries go well with my orange porch light.

Fortunately the music will be around back.

I will buy a pork loin to roast in the next couple of days.  Are you potlucking?  We’ll love to hear what you will be bringing.

See you all on Friday!

I’m making pork loin so an option would be to create a side for that.  I make my gas grill, my charcoals, and kitchen available so there are a lot of options for finishing or cooking.  (Come earlier if you think you’ll need time.)  How is that for suggestions?


I am now the proud owner of a pork loin.  Have to prep this tomorrow to give it plenty of time to macerate.  What?!  Buy a dictionary.

Only one day until Friday, but today is an important day as well.  Why not take a moment and wish John Elliott a happy birthday?!  See you Friday, John!

Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday!

Did everyone wish John a happy birthday?

Heads-up: Hempfest is this weekend.  It’s at Myrtle Edwards Park on the waterfront down town.  Keep that in mind as you are planning your route to Ballard.  Waterfront traffic will be fuxored.

Pulling the pork loin out of its brine (home made chicken stock, orange juice concentrate, salt, peppercorns, bay leaves, cinnamon stick) and will spice it then wrap it to await its yummy fate above the coals tomorrow.  Want to bring something?  Have any questions?  Let me know.

The pork will be sliced in the end (not pulled) so maybe tortillas are not quite right?  Not sure.  I know there is a salad coming and scalloped potatoes and some… candy.  I also made sun tea (imagine the complications there!).  So… a dessert, chicken to grill, a different kind of salad?  I’m sure it would all be great.

Mostly I’m out back watching the pork slowly cook and waiting for John to arrive.  If you need anything, the telephone is probably the best route.  My phone number is on my About page here on Fb.

Maximum cooking temperature is hovering around 150f.  Seems to be going pretty well at this point.

Man, this pork loin is looking good.

John Elliott
John Elliott

Best.  Pork.  Yet.

The Return of John Elliott on Friday 15 August

The pork!  O, the pork!

Thanks to everyone.  Thank you, especially, John for making this evening thrive.  Good to have you back again.  Mo’ regular is mo’ bettah!


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