Parks Produces, Plays

Well, my good friend and music producer Ian Parks (from An American Starlet) is back in the studio again—returning as a musician, singer, and songwriter.  He has put together a little tune of very large proportions.

Girl from Washington

What first strikes me in listening to this new song, called Girl from Washington, is the profound influence of Thin Lizzy.

(Here is an old interview of Ian and Jared Matt Greenberg.  They have changed quite a bit since then, but it’s a nice history of the band and their music.)

I’m not sure whether Ian will publish this song as An American Starlet or seek out a new identity.  It clearly represents a movement along a continuum, a progression in style.  What remains to be seen is whether he will work to make a break from the previous album releases (Sweet Country Lullabies From An American Starlet and The Duchess of Hazard are currently listed on Amazon).

By contrast, it is very apparent that Ian has not lost any of his songwriting shine.  He plays all the instruments on this track.  Wrote it, played it, and produced it.  I hope you enjoy listening to it.

Do you have an Starlet story?  Let’s hear about it.

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