Erasing Gives Assurances

Ok, so I had this little idea.  Then I did a search and discovered that I am not alone.  But I’m going to post it anyway because mine is in fact just a little different.

Attention appliance manufacturers, please build your machines covered in an enamel that is dry-erase compatible.  That is to say, make all appliances white boards.

Clearly the big winner in this will be the refrigerator.  Folks can leave notes for family members and roommates using erasable pens on its vast white surfaces.

My fridge downstairs has an enamel which is textured.  I think it’s supposed to be an emulated leather texture.  Not sure why.  Anyway, it could certainly be smooth.  No reason for it not to be (faux-leather? c’mon).

My washing machine, my clothes dryer, and my dishwasher are all smooth surfaces.  I have not yet tested them for dry-erase compatibility.  But I will.  Inconspicuously, of course.

Always seeking ways to improve our lot here on spaceship Earth.

Happy hunting.

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