Jurasic Brew

Who didn’t love Jurassic Park?  Totally wicked monster movie—worth watching once with good speakers and amplifiers.  What you may not know is that this film was based upon some real scientific facts and a real scientist (no, not Dr. Science).

So there is this not-mad scientist named Raul Cano who likes to extract microbes trapped in amber prisons after serving extremely long sentences.  This is where Jurassic Park plucked their idea for extracting dinosaur DNA.  Truth is so cool, we really don’t need to make things up.

Raul managed to get a sample of dormant yeast from a piece of amber dating from maybe 45 million years ago.  Totally different from today’s yeasts, these oldies aren’t able to process as wide a variety of carbohydrates.  What did Raul do with these old yeasties?  The only thing to do: brew beer.


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