Monkeys are NOT People Too

Oh, brother.  Is there no limit to stupidity?  I mean, is the emptiness of mind quantifiable into the negative?

Let’s be clear about this, I’ve had pets: cats, dogs (almost typed gods, hehe), fish, amphibians, &c.  But at some point one should consider drawing a line.  For instance, it’s not ok to put a sweater on a dog.  They are embarrassed enough having to be seen with humans and being told they can’t hump everything they happen across.

Another example is keeping dangerous wild animals as pets, especially if your plan is to surgically enfeeble them in an effort to increase your own safety.  I think the general rule here is that if you are afraid of what the animal will do to you it is not a good pet animal.

Be careful out there; it’s a dangerous world if you have half a brain.

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