Audibility Torn Assunder

I love technology.  It makes me giddy, gleeful.  I like telling people about techonology and hearing that “really? we can do that?” response.

In that spirit I have been introduced to a wicked new piece of software. It’s called Direct Note Access and it’s the brainchild of one Peter Neubäcker.

Special thanks to Technology Review for posting this article and also to the famous T. Malachi Dunworth for bringing this to my attention.

This software will allow recording engineers (including amateur, aspiring recording engineers like myself) to separate out individual notes within a given recording to correct, alter, or manipulate uniquely. That’s a huge step and one which a lot of people claimed could never be done.

Should be available real soon. Won’t make the Teenie Bopper Bimbos from Hell© Kitty sound any better though.


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