Calendar Reset Game Day

Well, the god of the day has successfully kicked the god of the night in the nads and sent him crawling.  It’ll take that poor god months to get his bearings again and head back this way.

Nonetheless, our calendar arbitrarily ends Thursday at midnight and last year we made a nice game night of it.  We played several rounds of Sortie.

I am opening my home, my table(s), and my game cupboards to my gaming besties.  Let’s make another fine mess of it, Ollie?!

Come hang out, miss all the stupid drunk persons.  All our persons will be at least modestly intelligent.

Game discussions welcome.

RSVP because I only have so many chairs.

I have decided to make goulash (based on my mom’s recipe).  Let me know if you’d like to bring any game-appropriate snacks.

I picked a couple bottles of bubbles just in case gamers be gettin’ crazy.

You know how in fairy stories someone is always saying how important it is to stay on the path?  My front yard is a bit like a fairy story:  stay on the path and no harm will come to you.  There are now three paths all leading to the front door.

Goulash is on; bubbles are chilling; I had a go at brittle (consider it a test run); finishing some dishes.  Looks like I’ll be able to lie down for a spell before anyone gets here.  Questions?  Best to call me at this point.  (My phone number is on my About page here.)

Calendar Reset Game Day

Fun fun fun.  Thanks, everyone.


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