New Year Games Night

Good friends and some bubbly to accompany table-top games like Sortie and Valley of the Pharaohs. Snacks and maybe I’ll make some proper food. Not sure yet. More information to follow.

This is at least our fourth year doing a game night to celebrate the new year. How many people come will tell which game(s) get played. If you have any questions, ask Jimmy or post in the Event and let the community respond.

Regardless of what you do, be safe and have fun!

I was thinking of making chicken curry.  Feel free to voice any thoughts about games, snacks, or food.

I picked up some sparkling rose.  Good for what ails you!

I am on target for making chicken curry (in a vaguely Thai style).

If you are bringing some food or drink, please post about it.  Folks are asking me what to bring and I don’t know what to suggest since I don’t know what you are bringing!  Speak up!

I also have a couple bottles of vinho verde.  Thanks, Russell Lowke!

New Year Games Night

With the last of the gamers gone I’m going to choose bed over cleaning.  Don’t judge me!  Thanks everyone for making such a fun night!


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