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What’s going on in my little world.

Brooklyn with Jon: Day 2


  • rise ~9:30
  • empty cams + rsync
  • walkabout Coney Island
  • boardwalk
  • White Castle
  • wind + salt
  • wind + grit
  • walkabout Brighton Beach
  • Avenue J & Di Fara Pizza
  • walkabout Manhattan
  • no food sorrow walk
  • death of Nom Pang?
  • sore and tired
  • look The Strand!
  • look Eatily!
  • Nom Pang second location closed at 9:30
  • Eatily is huge walkthrough
  • ate mexifare (meh) but the ladies were flirting and that makes up for a lot

Brooklyn with Jon: Day 1


  • flight
  • airtrain, q, g, lost a bit then found
  • climb rail to get key from above door, dirty hands
  • laser cut key?
  • settled luggage
  • walkabout, see charcuterie, Old Polish Bakery,The Brew Inn
  • back to apt to meet Jon, more getting settled, roommate brother died suddenly and is out of town instead
  • get burger & beer @ The Brew Inn
  • piss @ Lake Street Bar
  • beer @ Diamond Bar
  • beer @ No Name Bar
  • Torst super fancy beers who refused to bring our check
  • last quarter of hockey semi-finals at oldster place called Pit Stop
  • rooftop potting session with coolness and view (lamenting coming construction)

Game Night

There will be an open night of gaming at my place for New Year’s Eve. I will make something like spaghetti and maybe others will bring snacks. I have some good red wine as well to offer. I know that Patrick Gaillard and Harry Oesterreicher (and Flint) are interested. If you want more information please write to me or comment here. If you want to come for a bit or for a long visit, just let me know.

Games? Settlers of Catan, Carcassonne, Cards Against Humanity, Red Shirts, Kittens in a Blender, Sortie, Master and Commander, Dread Pirate, Guillotine, Cribbage, Chess, Go, Pente, Chaturanga, and Shut the Fuck Up. Take your pick.

I picked two bottles of red wine from my cellar for New Year’s Eve. Get your game on, red lips.

Ok, so I’m making goulash for game night (Goulash for Gamers is my new charity). I also picked a couple of bottles of Proseco for fun bubbles. Add to that the aforementioned bottles of red and the soppressata and you have the makings of a fine celebration.

Some of the time fruitcake is not just a lump of lumpiness. Sometimes it is the joy of shooting your friend’s WWII fighter plane out of the sky.

Some of the time the fighter plane which goes down is the fighter plane of your lover (and you weep on the inside), and she goes off to play Candy Crush Clone 472 to await the outcome of this Sortie. Either way, the fruitcake was good. <– real possible thing.

Jackson Reinhardt enjoyed the survey of the lands from his box on its side on a bigger box near the hub of all human activity. The view was awesome. <– look up that word.

We listened to Motorhead, McKlusky, Pink Floyd (Syd’s era), and Richard Thompson. Oh, and a fine tangent into James McMurtry (Where DID you hide the body?). Some Wire if memory serves.

I’ll miss you most of all, Proseco.

PS: That sentence about the box is not a run-on sentence and by the way it rocks to no-commas thing.


Game Night

Game night Friday 12 December shall begin no earlier than 19:00 (that’s 7 PM for the mathematically challenged). Show up sometime after seven and we’ll get going once we have a good table started.

Wine for beverages? Some snacks (cheese crackers &c)? Order thai food delivered? All of the above?

Treasa Sweek, Harry Oesterreicher, Patrick Gaillard, John Walseth, Hannah J. Price. Anyone else?

Anyone wondering about things to bring, it’s wine and cheese themed. I have a couple of bottles and Harry has another. I have some cheddar and some Cambozola. I have crackers. I have a couple of apples and a pomegranate. Fruit and more cheese or maybe some bread? Whatever. See you all soon.


Highway Twitch and Moan

Highway Twitch and Moan [10]

This is the second in a series of a dozen playlists (10 of 12) I am publishing which I made for my dad as a sort of driving companion.  None of them are particularly long; they all time between thirty and forty minutes.

  1. Wanda Jackson — Kansas City [from “Queen of Rockabilly (The Very Best of the Rock and Roll Years)“]
  2. Johnny Kidd — Shakin’ All Over [from “Dreamboats and Petticoats 2“]
  3. Little WalterCrazy Legs [from “Confessin’ the Blues“]
  4. Neil Sedaka — Calendar Girl [from “Dreamboats and Petticoats 3“]
  5. Louis Jordan & His Tympany Five — I’ll Die Happy [from “One Guy Named Louis“]
  6. Neil Young & Crazy Horse — This Land Is Your Land [from “Americana“]
  7. Small Paul — There’s Gonna Be Some Crying [from “Eccentric Soul 011:  Mighty Mike Lenaburg“]
  8. Everyly Brothers — Crying in the Rain [from “Walk Right Back (The Everly Brothers on Warner Bros 1960-1969)“]
  9. The Magestic Arrows — I’ll Never Cry for Another Boy [rehearsal] [from “Eccentric Soul 003:  The Bandit Label“]
  10. Van MorrisonSweet Thing [from “Astral Weeks“]

Drive well.


Kinetic Underdrive

Kinetic Underdrive [10]

  1. Main Theme by Pink Floyd from “Music from the Film More” [5:26]
  2. Rain by Tones on Tail from “Night Music” [8:23]
  3. Arhil by Bahia El Idrissi from Putumayo’s “Sahara Lounge” [3:13]
  4. Warmth by Zap Mama from “7” [5:32]
  5. Your Song by Groove Armada from “Vertigo” [5:08]
  6. Sundown Syndrome by Tame Impala from “Kids Are All Right” [5:50] [soundtrack]
  7. Red Dust by Iron & Wine and Calexico from “In the Reins” [3:31]
  8. Admiral for President by Admiral Freebee from “Admiral Freebee” [5:48]
  9. Shannon Loves Biscuit by Chickasaw Mudd Puppies from “8 Track Stomp” [3:29]
  10. Take Me by John Butler Trio from “April Uprising” [5:01]


Here is the second mixed tape I have created in my exchange with my friend BG for discovering new music. The theme was supposed to be slow jams which is apparently a genre? I’m genre-ally ignorant and just went with the term by definition. You can be the judge, if you’d like.


Country Mouse Strikes Again

Country Mouse Strikes Again [11]

    1. Mundian to Bach Ke by Labh Janjua & Panjabi MC from “Rough Guide to Bhangra (One Way Ticket to British Asia)” [3:55]
    2. Red Dress by James McMurtry from “Saint Mary of the Woods” [4:59]
    3. You Need Love by Muddy Waters from “The Muddy Waters Chess Box” [2:45]
    4. Bad as Me by Tom Jones from “Spirit in the Room” [3:33] [Tom Waits]
    5. Fool No More by The Alvin Lee Band from “RX5” [5:22]
    6. Yes We Can-Can by Treacherous Three from “Sugarhill Club Classics” [6:59]
    7. Will You Remember Me? by Rachelle Ferrell from “Individuality (Can I Be Me?)” [6:17]
    8. Angel Eyes by Omar Torrez Band from “Omar Torrez Band” [3:45]
    9. Country Boy by Johnny Cash from “American Recordings II (Unchained)” [2:31]
    10. Brother Mine by Eric Schwartz from “That’s How It’s Gonna Be” [4:47]
Eric Schwartz: That
  1. as freedom is a breakfastfood by E E Cummings from “Voice of the Poet (E E Cummings)” [2:19]


This is the second in a series of playlists I’ve made for my brother in an effort to fill in any potential musical gaps, sort of like music putty.


Unfiltered Barrels of Redemption

Unfiltered Barrels of Redemption [11]

  1. Omaha (Sharpless) by Chickasaw Mudd Puppies from “8 Track Stomp” [2:11]
  2. Tower of Song by Tom Jones from “Spirit in the Room” [3:57] [Leonard Cohen]
  3. Whistlin’ Past the Graveyard by Screamin’ Jay Hawkins from “New Coat of Paint (Songs of Tom Waits)” [3:37] [Tom Waits]
  4. Kung-Fu Fighting by Robyn Hitchcock & the Egyptians from “Alvin Lives (In Leads)” [compilation] [3:24] [Carl Douglas]
  5. Burn that Broken Bed by Iron & Wine and Calexico from “In the Reins” [5:06]
  6. Angel Eyes by Omar Torrez Band from “Omar Torrez Band” [3:45]
  7. Mr Guitar by Flat Duo Jets from “Two Headed Cow” [1:58] [Thanks, eRock.  These guys are great.]
  8. Vereda Tropical by Toña la Negra from “El Canto de las Sirenas” [2:44]
  9. Suzanne by Graeme Allwright from “Master Serie” [4:06] [Leonard Cohen]
  10. Vow by Ali Marcus from “Miles and Miles and Miles” [4:18] [She performed in my backyard summer of 1012.]
    Ali Marcus: Miles and Miles and Miles


  11. October in the Railroad Earth by Jack Kerouac & Steve Allen from “Beat Generation” [7:06]


Ah, yes.  This one was built for the music.  (Originally drafted for my good friend HO.)


Easily Forget How Easy Forgetting Is

Easily Forget How Easy Forgetting Is [09]

This is the first in a series of a dozen playlists (11 of 12) I am publishing which I made for my dad as a sort of driving companion.  None of them are particularly long.  This one comes in at about thirty-one minutes.

  1. David SevilleWitch Doctor [from “Wacky Favorites“]
  2. Lightnin’ Hopkins — Feel So Bad [from “Lightnin’ Hopkins Complete Aladdin Recordings“]
  3. Louis Jordan & His Tympani FiveMessy Bessy [from “One Guy Named Louis“]
  4. T-Bone WalkerYou Don’t Understand [from “The Original Source“]
  5. Bap KennedyMy Money [from “Domestic Blues“]
  6. Perk BadgerDo Your Stuff [from “Eccentric Soul: The Outskirts of Deep City“]
  7. Earth, Wind, & FireLove’s Dance [from “Robots” soundtrack]
  8. Richard CookSomebody’s Got’a Help Me [from “Eccentric Soul: The Trager & Note Labels“]
  9. The TemptationsDon’t Let the Joneses Get You Down [from “Cloud Nine + Puzzle People“]