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Deplorables Think-Tank Discusses Container Options

The nation’s most highly regarded deplorables think-tank has convened to discusses container options, having declared “basket” too effeminate.

Top suggestions from the ongoing conference currently include duffel bag, toolbox, and shed.

In a late breaking update we have learned that apparently at least one participant has been ejected and “beat down” for suggesting “fanny pack”.  It is unclear if this includes “utility belt” or if the objection was specific to fanny packs alone.

We will keep you up to date as more information arrives.


Sponsored Shit

I know advertisers are really working hard to target consumers.  Here we have a stellar example of how deep this commitment runs.

I was poking through the good old family-related super hero films and found myself contemplating the merits of the latest Thor film.

Sponsored Shit
Sponsored Shit

This brought to mind that fateful afternoon when my daughter and I went to see Thor so many months ago.  She was excited and animated before, she was enthralled tucked down into her seat in the darkness, and she was utterly aglow as we exited the theater.  She turned to me with those big brown eyes and fixed me with her tiny gaze: “I want to study French”.

As you can imagine, I was so very proud.  But where to begin?

Certainly we could re-watch Jason Goes to Hell or No Country for Old Men (she is a huge Coen Brothers fan, such a precocious nine year old).  Haywire would also be a fine choice, though neither of us would have guessed at that.

But wait, what about French for Kids?  Brilliant!

Such a detailed interweaving of our minds as consumers.


How to Play Bass

For all of you aspiring musicians out there I offer all you need to learn to be a world-class bass player.

First, you need to have the correct disposition.

Second, you need to master your craft.

Using this two step method you too can rise to the cream of the star-crop, be “the hidden king of rock and roll”!


Spy Movies

I have taken to watching spy movies and while doing so having a drink every time the spy has a drink. I match the spies drink for drink.

By the time we get to the big climax scene where the main spy has to fight the fierce opponent in order to win, you know, everything… I am pretty good and hammered.

I slur out to an empty room “I could kick that evil-doer’s ass, right now” and proceed to shadow box and do so until my shadow has knocked me senseless.

I suppose I’ll have to stop watching spy movies.


Acute Pronounced Hypochondriasis: Are You Already Infected?

The Internet has provided us with many tools, but few have been so fruitful—few in the history of humanity—as those in the search engine revolution.  As we stuff ever more information into the perpetually expanding sack called Interwebz, we have developed equally swelling search indexing.  Think of it like the expanding universe with another smaller expanding model-of-a-universe of the expanding universe inside of it.  Swelling.  Like an inflammation.

Out there may not yet be all the answers to life’s persistent questions, but out there is a cornucopia of medical information.  Sure, you can probably found out all about anyone else’s medical history or which prescriptions to which they have addictions.  More importantly though you can find out about the horrible mention-less yet debilitating diseases your doctor hasn’t the cockles to tell you that you already have.


From e-bola to ovarian cancer, I have been able to diagnose every ache or pain or wayward thought I have had since the advent of Google.  There is no more wondering on my part.  No more nervously tapping my feet in a thinly carpeted waiting room while my so-called medical practitioner perfects her Ramos Gin Fizz among a cadre of eager male nurses.  Who doesn’t love a good Gin Fizz?

Ramos Gin Fizz
Ramos Gin Fizz

Just ask yourself, do you have any of the following symptoms?

Loss of memory, loss of hair, loss of love, loss of life, loss of memory, loss of mammaries, loss of memory, loss of money, lots of moles, whack-a-mole, constipation, constipation and whack-a-mole, cold feet, lower stamina, lower self-esteem, lower self-adhesion, loss of memory, excessive deja vu, loss of memory, loss of hair, loss of love, loss of life, loss of memory, loss of mammaries, loss of memory, loss of money, lots of moles, whack-a-mole, constipation, constipation and whack-a-mole, cold feet, lower stamina, loss of memory, excessive deja vu, war, death, taxes, depression, elation, changes in cholesterol, plaque, plague, palpitations, fibrillations, amputations, necrolepsy, necromancy, necrophilia, dry skin, wet skin, skin at all, sleep apnea, lactose intolerance, religious intolerance, intolerance of the libido, intolerance of ovulation, nausea, swelling, puffiness, puffins, acne, hackney slang, total lack of imagination, or an inability to eat food without reciting the preamble to the Constitution.

This is by no means an exhaustive list, but these are some of the more obvious symptoms.  A fuller list might also include these deleterious symptoms:

Intemperance and business trouble, business nerves, the feebleness of intellect, over taxing mental powers, over action of the mind, hard study, brain fever, brain congestion, brain worms, over study of religion, religious enthusiasm, Salvation Army, hereditary predisposition, ill treatment by spouse, imaginary female trouble, hysteria, immoral life, imprisonment, jealousy and religion, laziness, marriage of children, shooting of children, domestic affliction or trouble, fits and desertion of spouse, rumour of spousal murder, desertion by spouse, parents were cousins, excessive sexual abuse, deranged masturbation, masturbation and syphilis, masturbation for 30 years, tobacco and masturbation, suppressed masturbation, medicine to prevent contraception, sexual abuse and stimulants, sexual derangement, nymphomania, venereal excess, vicious vices, seduction and disappointment, self abuse, suppressed menstruation or menses, menstrual derangement, exposure and heredity, exposure and quackery, exposure in armed service, exposure and trench coat, excitement as officer, death of children due to war, decoyed into armed service, fell from a horse in a war, kicked in the head by a horse, carbonic acid gas, bad company, bad habits and political excitement, bad whiskey, female disease, male disease, hermaphroditic disease, women trouble, men trouble, hermaphrodite trouble, small pox, large pox, poodle pox, pox pox, novel reading, poetry recitation, gathering in the head, greed, grief, gunshot wound, asthma, spinal irritation, fever and loss of law suit, fever and jealousy, false confinement, snuff eating for 2 years, opium habit, time of life, or superstition.

As you can see, this is a great area of concern.  Don’t get yourself checked; your doctor is likely to lie to you.

Lying Doctor with Patient Shield
Lying Doctor with Patient Shield

Get an ointment, get a water potion from your alternative medical practitioner, or have an exorcism.

It may already be to late.


Happy Marquis de Sade Day

Being that neither C nor myself are cathaholics—she a teetotaler and me an apathetic—we have tossed in the proverbial towel on this so-called St Valentine and his alleged day.

In case you didn’t know (and most don’t), St Valentine had an imaginary friend.  The guy can’t stop talking about his imaginary friend.  Just loves him.  Says he is loved by him.  A match made in heaven.  But it’s over and over, relentless, like the pounding of the waves upon the beach.  Everybody he meets stares in awe as Valentinus Sinusitis regales the very air with luscious adulations of said imaginary friend.

Then he meets an emperor of Rome—let’s call him Claudius—I like the name Claudius—I might name my next cat Claudius—anyway, Valentinus continues to avail every breath which might reach those imperial ears ever-toward the tiresome goal of shouting from the top of a mountain that which could just as effectively be slipped into a note in the pocket of one’s robe like a precious telegram.

have imaginary friend stop

lots of love stop

Long story short… so Claudius says “if you don’t shut the fuck up about your invisible companion I’m gonna have a couple of the boys take you out back and beat you to death”.  Valentinus, being a smooth negotiator, talks the emperor into beheading when the beating is done: “if you’re going to do it, your highness, at least do it right”.

Clearly this is the most magnificent symbol of romantic love in the many millennia of humanity’s struggle to find someone with which to enjoy chocolate, perhaps rivaled only by Big Bird’s love of Mr Snuffleupagus—assuming of course someone were to then beat and behead Big Bird.

But hey, Big Bird’s been through a lot lately.

Big Bird: Down but not Out
Big Bird: Down but not Out

Let’s leave him and his romance to blossom as it will.  It’s a harsh world; we should never endeavor to hamper love.

So what might lovers do to spontaneously express their gratitude and joy, nay to celebrate the very fabric of love which binds so many of us together?

Let me turn your attention to another historical figure.

This chiseled human specimen is a novelist and a playwright, loves spanking servant girls in his spare time, did most of his writing in prison, was subsequently elected as a delegate before the National Convention, and can often be heard saying “Seigneur, Madame le Guillotine”.

Let’s have a big round of applause for our first contestant, the Marquis de Sade.

[Insert applause.]

(Actually he’s our only contestant as I don’t plan to stay up all night trying to convince you to laugh.)

The Marquis de Sade was probably born in June of 1740, not that it matters much.  Holidays get tossed all over the calendar.  If someone doesn’t like where a holiday lands they have always had the option to just move it.

Granted it’s a lot harder with a holiday like the Fourth of July, but as long as it’s named Lumpy Rug Day or Ether Day you have a bit of flexibility.  And thanks to the amazing magic of double-think you too can think “it’s always been on that day”.

So 14 February it is.

Not for Lumpy Rug Day; that’s 3 May.  Neither for Ether Day; that’s 16 October.

Don’t be silly.

Happy Marquis de Sade Day.  Enjoy your spanking chocolate.  You can thank me later.