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I know advertisers are really working hard to target consumers.  Here we have a stellar example of how deep this commitment runs.

I was poking through the good old family-related super hero films and found myself contemplating the merits of the latest Thor film.

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This brought to mind that fateful afternoon when my daughter and I went to see Thor so many months ago.  She was excited and animated before, she was enthralled tucked down into her seat in the darkness, and she was utterly aglow as we exited the theater.  She turned to me with those big brown eyes and fixed me with her tiny gaze: “I want to study French”.

As you can imagine, I was so very proud.  But where to begin?

Certainly we could re-watch Jason Goes to Hell or No Country for Old Men (she is a huge Coen Brothers fan, such a precocious nine year old).  Haywire would also be a fine choice, though neither of us would have guessed at that.

But wait, what about French for Kids?  Brilliant!

Such a detailed interweaving of our minds as consumers.


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