20211218 Paris

Busy morning with a late start.  Well, not that late.  And I suppose not that busy.

I got up and got myself cleaned up and went out the door before Fred was up.  Just me and the cat walking into the morning courtyard.

First I went to la Musée National Picasso-Paris.  Long been a fan.  Pained a version of Tete d’homme au chapeau and a favorite of his called Le Déjeuner sur l’herbe (not knowing at the time he admired it), so this was a delightful morning in a museum.  Surprisingly sparsely attended for a Saturday.  Good choice.

From there I took a short walk to the former home of Victor Hugo to see his apartments, some of his art collection, and lean of his life and style.

I walked back out into Place des Vosges and into the bright sunny day.  Shot some pictures of the fountains earlier but wanted to get some with this sun.  So I made a quick trip back to grab my big lens and returned to the park and shot many pictures of the fountains and grounds.

After that I walked back over to Passage du Chantier to take pictures.  I had found this passage last night but was without my camera.  Then back here to type this out before thinking about food.  How generous I am!

Knocked out a shower and washed my hair.  Fresh clothes make the man fresh!

Only one more full day in Paris.  Decisions to make for the remaining time.  I can relax when I get to Orléans.

Fred is doing laundry (or at least he has ventured out to retrieve the load from the laundromat).  He wants to come with me to Chez Paul for dinner (another of his recommendations).  I’m looking forward to it, not least of all because I’m famished at the moment.

And oh yes Chez Paul was worth the time.

I started with rillettes de lapin au romarin, spécialité after an aperitif of sweet white whose name I have forgotten (reminded me of ice wine actually).  Followed that with steak au poivre flambé Cognac, monté au beurre, gratin dauphinois and a Côtes du Rhône.  Finishing with l’indétrônable tarte tatin, crème fraîche and an Armagnac.

Such an interesting space.  There are four different dining areas over two floors.  Probably a bit of a servers nightmare.  When we arrived it was essentially empty.  When Fred left (he ate dinner essentially before I was done with my rillettes) it was just starting to gain a population.  When I left before ten it was in full swing.

Returned here to find Young Fred passed out on the couch, smoked completely.


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