Szlachetka & Co 13 Oct Sat

RSVP is REQUIRED. This show has limited seating. We have 24 seats available for the show. Tag Jimmy with the number of seats you wish.

Doors at three; music beginning at four.

As usual it’s your basic indoor potluck rock and roll show. All donations go to the musicians. Probably they will have stuff you can buy as well. I’ll post some links here and there below.

I will be making something but what depends on the weather. Please do make comments here about what you are bringing so not everyone brings spaghetti. I mean, many of you COULD bring spaghetti. But someone should probably bring something to go with it. What’s your preferred potluck portable comestible?

Questions? Ask them below or message one of the moderators!

Potluck:  Can you make that thing you always love to make?  That would be great for sharing!  There is a grill available.  If you have any special needs, send Jimmy a message or ask here.

Bevs:  If you can sip it, it’s good.  Share if you’d like.  I always make iced-tea.

Friends:  Cool friends are great.  I just need an exact seat-count; talk to Jimmy Cook.

Pets:  Not for the indoor shows, please.

Love:  Bring it!  Bring it all!

Shirts and shoes required?  This isn’t a restaurant; they’re not even recommended!

Folks have been asking about donations.  Twenty dollars seems to be about the going rate.  Keep in mind donations are voluntary, but also keep in mind all of the donations go the the musician.  Peavine Alley takes nothing.  Peavine Alley only gives.

Please let me if you post any videos of this show to YouTube so I can add them to my Peavine Alley list.

Szlachetka & Co 13 Oct Sat
Szlachetka & Co 13 Oct Sat PA

Thanks to everyone who came out for this tremendous show.  Glad the food portion was such a hit.  Thanks to Mtw Szlachetka for putting on such an excellent performance.  Pleasure to have you!  Good times!