Jimmy Gets Older Every Year

I will be making a pork loin roll and some chicken liver mousse and some apple sauce.  Delicious!

Table-top games likely.

More information to follow.

Still need to get some groceries before the weekend but I have obtained most of what I need.  I’ll be preparing the mousse and the apple sauce a day ahead (on Friday) because it makes sense.  Let me if you would like to bring something or what you are bringing!

Brine (pork):  chicken stock, salt, pomegranate molasses, apple cider vinegar, bay leaves, white pepper, lemon.

Pork rolled and vacuum sealed.

Apple sauce is ready.

Mousse is prepared (cooked) and ready for whipping.

Well, that’s a pretty clean house.

Pork loin rolls are in the sous vide!

How about a little fire?!

Jimmy Gets Older Every Year
Jimmy Gets Older Every Year

Thanks, everybody!  I had a good birthday party.  I have a good collection of pals!


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