Independent Folk Explosion

Big show lined up for the Fourth of July here at Peavine Alley. It’s a daytime event, so you have the option of blowing shit up after you’re done watching the music.

Patio work is done. Should be ready for foot traffic tomorrow and vehicle traffic by Tuesday. That’s just a fact about concrete. There are no vehicles in my backyard.

You may be aware that we are having an exciting show coming to Peavine Alley Saturday to celebrate the Fourth of July, but you may not be aware that my friend and the person organizing that show will be, that very morning, taking his oath of citizenship and becoming one among the 300 million lost souls surfing the American Dream. (Yeah, I know that was a lot of mixed metaphors; sue me.) He will then come to Peavine Alley and perform his first show as an American (presumably waving a flag and eating a hot dog). Love this guy and really looking forward to see all of you.

Pork is in the chimney, the chimney of the chimenea. The gas grill still works (will miracles never cease?). Probably remove the ribs from the sous vide cooker within the next two hours. Sangria is made; iced tea is made. It’s looking great all around.


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