JC & CW Have a Birthday Party and Invite Some Friends

As you may know several years ago Cecilie and I were caught in an accidental burst of plasma radiation which (shockingly) did not kill us but rather reversed our biological clocks and gave us super powers.  If I’ve done the math correctly we will be, this year, in our mid-twenties.  And we can shoot lasers from our eyes.

If you come to our party we will laser etch your name into a grain of rice for you.

Bring some stuff but I will probably have some stuff too.  Like I will probably have a little beer and some popcorn in my mondo-fucking popcorn machine.  I’ll probably have some other stuff too, but leave comments if you are curious about bringing anything.

And no, Harry, you cannot bring your dancing bear.  That didn’t work out well last time and it took forever to get all the honey out of the acoustic ceiling tiles.

JC & CW Have a Birthday Party and Invite Some Friends

Oh, man; I’m excited.  I’m so excited I took tomorrow off so I can pre-recuperate (it’s real so there).

Here are some things I know are coming:

Cake (couple different)
Beer (2 growlers from Georgetown, one from Chuck’s)
Cured meat (selection)
Cheese (selection)
Chips (one bag)
Crackers or Bread (Harry?)

My apologies if I have disremembered your contribution.  Comments are for amending and correcting.

I’m stuffed.  Who needs cake?

Did anyone lose a grey button?  It’s about the size of a dime and seems to have come from a jacket (rather than a shirt).

Man, that was fun.  Thanks to everyone for coming and thanks for bringing new friends.


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