Annual Birthday Bash March Baby, Beeyatch

So my brother (the greatest chef ever) is going to bring some Irish themed food (think corned beef and cabbage).  Just a little of what’s coming to tempt you.  So tempting!  Be tempted!

Look, it’s an Irish holiday by happenstance and I have Irish on both sides of my family.  Come toast a faux-alcoholic and real Irishman on this holiday rather than toasting a real alcoholic and faux-Irishman!

And we have a Princess.  Top that.

Anyway, there will probably be some sort of cake.  The Princess is still yammering on about the mythical Italian Cream Cake, but we shall see what finds its way to the dessert tray.

What else?

If you want to bring something, let us know.  I have some vodka and some rum.  Mmmm… breakfast of champions.

A friend asked me if ANY corned beef and cabbage was worth eating.  I say it loud:  if there is one worth eating it’s the one my brother makes!

Annual Birthday Bash March Baby, Beeyatch

The cabbage was falling off the bone and the corned beef was succulent.  Excellent sauces.  And the CAKE!

Thanks everyone and for everything.  It was a great party for our birthdays.


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