They Came in Pieces

They Came in Pieces [19]

  1. Jay Farrar & Benjamin GibbardCalifornia Zephyr [from “One Fast Move or I’m Gone: Music from Kerouac’s Big Sur“]
  2. Wilco Walken [from “Sky Blue Sky“]
  3. Raconteurs Steady as She Goes [from “Broken Boy Soldiers“]
  4. Bigott I’m Little Retarded [from “This Is the Beginning of a Beautiful Friendship“]
  5. White StripesI’m Lonely (but I Ain’t that Lonely Yet) [from “Get Behind Me Satan“]
  6. Dan Auerbach Mean Monsoon [from “Keep It Hid“]
  7. Wilco Jesus, Etc [from “Yankee Hotel Foxtrot“]
  8. Flat Duo Jets — You Only Live Twice [from “Safari“]
  9. Paul Benoit Riptide [from “Combustible“]
  10. Keziah JonesFree Your Soul [from “Blufunk Is a Fact!“]
  11. GalacticGo Go [from “Coolin’ Off“]
  12. Dead Weather Rocking Horse [from “Horehound“]
  13. Blackouts Everglades [from “History in Reverse“]
  14. WilcoI’m a Wheel [from “A Ghost Is Born“]
  15. Jelly Rollers Pretty Things [from “Jelly Rollers“]
  16. Ray LaMontagne How Come [from “Trouble“]
  17. Galactic Uptown Odyssey [from “Ruckus“]
  18. Rednex McKenzie Brothers [from “Sex & Violins“]
  19. Tom Jones Feels Like Music [from “24 Hours“]

I just created this CD for my brother in essence because he missed some of this music over the last several years.  This is my attempt to introduce him to some of these musicians and their music.  I had to skip a lot but I suppose that means there’ll have to be a sequel.


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