One Year Seattle Woo Hoo

This is the celebration you’ve been waiting for if you’ve been waiting either for a reason in January to celebrate something or you’ve been thinking “Cecilie’s been living in Seattle for a year now”.

Get out your party shoes and dust off your feather boa.

I’ll post information about food and drink as it becomes available.

Just in case anyone is worrying about snow (and who doesn’t from time to time), I checked the National Weather Service and the snow will return to our wonderful rain by Wednesday and the weekend will be just our usual array of wet.  Except in our house.  In our house it will be warm and dry.

Based on the responses thus far, this is looking like a pretty mellow intimate gathering.  Let me know your thoughts.

Ok, so looks like casual and mellow are the watchwords for Saturday.  I will make some pasta sauces and pasta in case anyone is hungry.  If you’d like to bring something bread, cheese, or wine all sound good.  Call me if you have questions (my phone number is on my Info page).

I have prepared (or am preparing, depending upon your perspective) two meatless pasta sauces for your noshing.  If you don’t do wheat based pasta you may want to bring something to boil.  Semolina!  Anyway, let me know if you have questions; my phone is still on my Info page.

Ok.  The sauces have been transferred into warmers for tonight (and why not let them simmer some more in the mean time?).  Cecilie and I are looking forward to seeing those who can make it after this debilitating weather we’ve been having.  All the roads and alleys are clear around here.

Feet, up!  Let the games begin.

One Year Seattle Woo Hoo

Thanks to all who came, thanks for the interesting beers, and thanks Stanislaw for playing us a couple tunes.


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