Hunger Express

Hunger Express [16]

  1. Patricia BarberI Could Eat Your Words [from “Verse“]
  2. Tom Waits Temptation [from “Frank’s Wild Years“]
  3. Holly Cole Trust in Me [from “Blame It on My Youth“]
  4. Tom Waits Trouble’s Braids [from “Swordfishtrombones“]
  5. Kurt EllingNature Boy [from “The Messenger“]
  6. The Beatles Her Majesty [from “Abby Road“]
  7. Peter Gabriel Love to Be Loved [from “Us“]
  8. Paris Combo — Je rêve encore [from “Paris Combo“]
  9. John Pizzarelli When I Grow too Old to Dream [from “Naturally“]
  10. MC 900 ft Jesus But if You Go [from “One Step Ahead of the Spider“]
  11. Love & Rockets So Alive [from “Love & Rockets“]
  12. Grateful Dead It Must Have Been the Roses [from “One from the Vault“]
  13. Cassandra Wilson Love Is Blindness [U2 cover] [from “New Moon Daughter“]
  14. Pablo Neruda [poem read by Rufus Sewell] — Ode to the Beautiful Nude [from “Il Postino“] [soundtrack plus celebrities reading Neruda’s poetry]
  15. Susana Baca Los Amantes [from “Eco de sombras“]
  16. Holly Cole I Don’t Wanna Grow Up [Tom Waits cover] [from “Temptation“] [An entire album of Tom Waits songs.]

I created this CD originally for AO circa 2003.


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