Voodoo Joe v Dr Doctor

I have a bad attitude. I am of the opinion that it’s science and medicine that make modern medical miracles possible and not the Magic Sky Man. Not only that but I think that one ought to thank the doctors and nurses for their roles in saving the ill and feeble when they have done all the work.

Voodoo Joe
Voodoo Joe

Here we have a clear case of confusion between places and actors. I was under the impression that the surgery-fu was to take place at a hospital and was to be performed by medical professionals each with a decade of medical training from an accredited university. Everyone else seems to understand that the liver magic will be taking place at Voodoo Joe’s Temple of Crazy by blind seers and a handful of witches.

I was also under the impression that this surgery was made possible by the extreme advances in medical science of which we are the benefactors, while everyone else seems to understand that removing a liver and replacing it is an act of magic only the Sky Man could facilitate.

I have even tried mocking the general position that the Magic Sky Man does shit that effects our petty lives.

Wishful Thinking
Wishful Thinking

This was taken literally. So all the folks who know me and my bad attitude interpret this as though, what?, I’ve converted over to their particular brands of crazy—rather than read it as sarcasm. C’mon. Wishful Thinking?

Somehow this annoys the fuck out of me. Ergo bad attitude.

I’d feel bad but I’m kinda busy right now using subatomic particles to make complex communications possible across the entire planet and even into space.

Thanks, Magic Sky Man.


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