Rocket Me Bottle!

I’m a big Wes Anderson fan and have been since I took a chance and bought Rushmore on DVD.  He’s really quite good at making movies.

A friend insists that Bottle Rocket is his best film.  I finally bought a copy on Blu-ray and have now watched that great film.

Bottle Rocket
Bottle Rocket

I think what makes this a great film is that you get to see Wes Anderson and the Wilson brothers at the very beginning.  There are flaws in the film which they correct in later films, but this film really shows the talents that were waiting down in Texas aching to explode on the big screen.

If you also enjoy Wes Anderson films, you will likely also enjoy Bottle Rocket.  I can’t say it’s for everyone though.  If you were going to pick only one Wes Anderson film to watch I would probably still recommend Rushmore.

Now this Criterion Collection Blu-ray has some excellent extras thrown in for fun.  It does have the original Bottle Rocket short film which Wes and Co sent to Sundance.  Also there are a host of cut scenes from the film which are interesting to watch (if you are into film making as a craft).

The best gem of the lot though is a documentary film called Murita Cycles by Barry Braverman.  (I understand this is also included on the 2 DVD Criterion Collection set as well.)

There you have it. Not my most exciting review, but you know what you need to know. Get busy.

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