How Blindness Lets You See

If you have not yet experienced Blindness, either the film or the novel, I encourage you to pick up your preferred version and get to experiencing.

I love and hate recommending this kind of movie.  I love it because it will have such a dramatic impact on your lives.  I hate it because I can’t really tell you anything about it beforehand.

All I can really say is that it is a film about people who suddenly go blind and about the world which this particular and peculiar change creates.  Rest assured it will, like any well crafted piece of art, allow you insights heretofore unobtainable.

Don’t hesitate.  I know a good tale when I see one.

2 thoughts on “How Blindness Lets You See

  1. I can’t wait to see this movie! I have read the book, and it’s totally brilliant! amazing, it moved all parts of my soul!This book shows exactly how human being behaves for real when it’s about surviving, no rules, no respect, chaos… totally chaos, due to lack of one of our senses: being blind, not only in our eyes,but in our values, our behavior, our soul….And most, how we are when we fear, when we get lost in our own world…in our own soul…Hope this movie will be as good as the book

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