Roast Chicken with Plums and Black Rice

  • in a pot (French oven) saute three shallots in butter and olive oil
  • add dried mushrooms and stir
  • add peppers trio and stir
  • add garlic confit and stir
  • add black rice and stir
  • add layer of halved plums
  • finely chop giblets and add them to this layer
  • add four rosemary twigs
  • drizzle honey
  • butterfly whole chicken and spice in and out with:
    • salt
    • cayenne
    • sumac
    • coriander
    • cardamom
    • expert level:  spread spices under the skin
  • drizzle over chicken a bit more honey
  • cover and put in the oven 350f for 60 minutes
  • uncover for another 15 minutes on broil to brown

I could have probably used two bags of rice for this volume.

Also, might be good to stir the rice mixture (including stirring the plums in) midway through the roasting process.  In other words, life the chicken and stir what’s below together again.  This may mean leaving out the rosemary (which seems to play only a small role) or perhaps moving it to the top during roasting (and removing before broiling).



PA 17 Aug movie night

A movie night in the summer night!  Thinking maybe a double feature of Speed Racer and Blade Runner 2049.  Subject to change.  More to follow.

PA 17 Aug movie night

7:00 as the sun be settin’
Gather the Movie Knights!
8:00 as the sun be settin’
Start obligatory silent cartoons to assess quality of darkness. So Metal!
8:19 as the sun be settin’
Sunset. No taps.
9:00 as the sun be settin’
First movie!
11:00 as the sun be settin’
Second movie!

I’ve been reminded that Into the Spiderverse and Ragnarok are also potential films.

Box Cars
Box Cars

Looks like the weather is finally turning to our favor.  Saturday should be good!

I’ll be grilling out back about six.  Feel free to come grill something for yourself.  Otherwise I’ll see you after seven!

When the sun goes down it will get chilly.  Dress accordingly.  I have some blankets.

If you come down the alley, park on the street.  You cannot miss us.  If you come from 24th, it’s the house with the blue tarp in the front yard.

Go, Speed Racer!
Go, Speed Racer!
Watch out for Racer X!
Watch out for Racer X!

Well, we only watched Speed Racer, but it was epic!  Thanks to everyone who made the show.  Good times!

Before the movie I did play randomly from the film Loving Vincent as the silent cartoon portion of the evening.


This Frontier Needs Heroes and Earl Brooks

Globe traveling troubadour, who performs as This Frontier Needs Heroes, Brad Lauretti will be making his Peavine Alley debut!  Join us for backyard folk-rock at it’s finest.  Local legend Earl Brooks opens, possibly with special guests!

Free samples:

Bring food/drinks to share if you wish – Jimmy will be cooking with fire as per usual – kids and blankets and beach balls welcome!

Admission by donation – your generosity is deeply appreciated by touring artists.  House opens at 3:30, music starts at 5:00PM

3:30 as the sun be settin’
Gates Open for You!
5:00 as the sun be settin’
Earl Brooks
5:45 as the sun be settin’
This Frontier Needs Heroes

Ribs spices:  cloves, black and white pepper, salt, cinnamon, cayenne.

Ribs into the sous vide 137f until tomorrow.  Then they will rest in the fridge.

Loin brine:  juice of 16 limes, 7 cinnamon sticks, black pepper, cloves, salt, honey.

Loin spice:  zest 16 limes, salt, pepper, cayenne, garlic + onion powder.

Engage climate control.
Engage climate control.
Got grass?
Got grass?
The stage is set.
The stage is set.

PA This Frontier Needs Heroes
This Frontier Needs Heroes at Peavine Alley (with Earl Brooks)

Thanks everyone for making this another great show.  Thanks especially to Brad Lauretti and Earl Brooks for filling the Alley with their fine music!  And thanks to Harry (as usual) for helping me put the show together.  Good times!


What to Bring?


What to bring?

Seating: Camping chair, blanket, or similar. I have a few to share.

Potluck: Can you make that thing you always love to make? That would be great for sharing! There is a grill available. If you have any special needs, send Jimmy a message or ask here.

Bevs: If you can sip it, it’s good. Share if you’d like. I always make iced-tea.

Friends: Cool friends are great. You want to invite a posse, talk to Jimmy.

Pets: My cat has total dominion over the yard and is restricted by a 25 foot retractable leash. Fucking with the cat is a no-no. That is the most important pet rule.

Love: Bring it! Bring it all!

Shirts and shoes required? This isn’t a restaurant; they’re not even recommended!


What to bring?  
Seating:  Camping chair, blanket, or similar.  I have a few to share.  
PopCorn:  I have a machine!  
Bevs:  If you can sip it, it’s good.  Share if you’d like.  
Friends:  Cool friends are great.  You want to invite a posse, talk to Jimmy.  
Pets:  My cat has total dominion over the yard and is restricted by a 25 foot retractable leash.  Fucking with the cat is a no-no.  That is the most important pet rule.  
Love:  Bring it!  Bring it all!  

Folk the Fourth, Mouth and Forker!

Another Peavine day of freedom!

Schedule listed below (times are estimates).

As usual it’s your basic picnic bbq potluck grassy gnoll sort of rock and roll show.  All donations go to the musicians.  We recommend $20 per person.  Probably they will have stuff you can buy as well.  I’ll post some links here and there below.

I will be making my usual (unusual) pork loin.  Please do make comments here about what you are bringing so not everyone brings spaghetti.  I mean, many of you COULD bring spaghetti.  But someone should probably bring something to go with it.  What’s your preferred potluck portable comestible?

Questions?  Ask them below or message one of the moderators!

3:00 as the sun be settin’
Freedom Gates open!

4:00 as the sun be settin’
Tobias the Owl

4:45 as the sun be settin’
JR Rhodes

5:30 as the sun be settin’
Jared Mitchell

6:15 as the sun be settin’
Eve and Day

Sous vide ribs (131f @24 hours) spices:  Cloves, onion and garlic powder, black and white pepper, cayenne, salt.

Pork loin drizzle:  lime juice, honey, pomegranate molasses, ground chilies.

Pork loin brine:  juice and zest of 16 limes, honey, oregano, peppercorns, cinnamon, bay leaf, salt.

Pork loin spices:  coriander, nutmeg, cinnamon, cayenne, black and white pepper, salt.

PA Folk the Fourth, Mouth and Forker!
Folk the Fourth, Mouth and Forker!

You all know by now how much I enjoy doing these shows.  It pleases me to no end to bring groups of friends together to enjoy some of the best musicians we can muster, and for all of us to eat and drink and smile from ear to ear.  Thank you all again for an amazing show.  Thanks especially to the musicians!  Thanks as well to the food bearers and to the generous friends who toss their hard-earned money into the money bucket for the musicians.  I’m looking forward to seeing all of you at the next show (20 July).  Have a great time!