Sous Vide Potato Salad

I use Paul Prudhomme’s hot German potato salad recipe from his Seasoned America.  Really excellent potato salad.

The trouble with potato salad, though, is really in the preparing of the potatoes.  His recipe calls to boil the small potatoes and then slice them (if memory serves).  Slicing hot potatoes is painful and sticky.  Not so easily done.

That’s not the even the most important bit.  Potatoes, like so many things in life, cook from the outside in.  So they will always be more done nearer the surface than in the center.  But, you shout at your screen, that’s precisely where sous vide shines!  Yes.  My thoughts exactly.

As I contemplated the path to potato perfection, I deeply pondered the shape of the potato pieces that should carry this most luxurious of salad sauces.  So I busted out my mandolin and crinkle-cut those bastards!

The hardest part is now the easiest part.

Tons of extra surface area for capturing sauce.  Cooked to perfect doneness via sous vide.  Nothing crumbles in the mixing process.  Even the smallest potato fragments tend to keep their structural integrity.  Yes, pure dining pleasure.  Farfegnugen for your tongue.

Submerge your vacuum sealed bag of crinkle-cut potatoes into the water bath at a temperature 185f for 90 minutes.  Mix with your favorite sauce.  Nom nom nom.

I do highly recommend Seasoned America.  One of my favorite books.


Some Notes on Adding Oats to Banana Bread

I usually just use the Joy of Cooking banana bread recipe.  Uncluttered and does a great loaf.  I add some chopped up dark chocolate but otherwise just the strait recipe.

I want to try adding oats.  I have made the following alterations to my usual.

  • sub 1/4 C of the sugar for brown
  • add 1/4 C yogurt (honey was what I had on-hand)
  • add ~1/4 C 2% milk (since the mixture was thicker (gloppier) than preferred (and it was what I had on-hand)
  • Also, I always sub 1/3 C whole wheat flour and continued that here

We shall see how that bakes up.

Baked up fine.  I am going to try adding a third banana and getting around the milk/yogurt thing.  Also, I’m going to try either grinding the oats (blender or food processor) or I’ll try using oat flour.


Ian Thomas Parks, in Memoriam

Well, Thursday last my world and the wider world of music lost a bit of its spark.

Ian 20070622
Ian 20070622

I met Ian while we were both contracting for Miliman Care Guidelines.  We became fast friends due to many common interests, including but not limited to computer shit and all things music.  (He was a developer and I was supporting an xml product.  We both played guitar.)

He once told me that when his album went platinum he would give me his acoustic guitar.

Many years later, due to my regard for his knowledge of both music and musicians, I looked to him when I wanted to start doing music shows here in my backyard.  He pointed me to John Elliott (who strangely was just releasing an album called Backyards) who came to Peavine Alley to play our first music show (bring Aly Marcus to open).

John's & Peavine's First Show 20120728
John’s & Peavine’s First Show 20120728

That was ten summers ago.  John plays here every couple of years on his tours.

John 20210731
John 20210731

John loves coming here and we love having him.

Thanks, Ian.

Ian and John 20140815
Ian and John 20140815

Actually, through Ian I have met a lot of folks.  A lot.  It’s hard not to when we are both infectiously gregarious.  Take for example the traveling Argentinians.

The Traveling Argentinians 20140818
The Traveling Argentinians 20140818

They were traveling.  They met Ian.  They were looking for a place to crash.  They crashed with me.  We visited Harry (another enormous musical force in my life).  They reached out today.  Of course they did.  We are all good people.  A force for good in the world.  Much love.

Do you have an Ian story?  So many do.  So many do.

Good-bye, old friend.

Ian 20190321
Ian 20190321



Lego 2 Movie Night

Movie night where we will show at least the second Lego movie. Maybe more. It’s a mystery…

2008-07-18 The Bank Dick
2008-07-18 The Bank Dick

I will make some stuffed zucchini boats and eat ahead of the movie. Come early for a relaxing dinner under the sky or come about nine and get ready for the movie(s).

19:00 come eat some dinner or bbq
~21:30 or near sunset start movie magic

I’ll post more data as I’m able.

This is the Perpetual Peavine Alley What-to-Bring Page.

It get chilly when the sun goes down. Do not be fooled!

My mint is in big-time. If you bring some nice rum and some limes we could make mojitos. But come early so we can make them before the movie chaos starts.