Lego 2 Movie Night

Movie night where we will show at least the second Lego movie. Maybe more. It’s a mystery…

2008-07-18 The Bank Dick
2008-07-18 The Bank Dick

I will make some stuffed zucchini boats and eat ahead of the movie. Come early for a relaxing dinner under the sky or come about nine and get ready for the movie(s).

19:00 come eat some dinner or bbq
~21:30 or near sunset start movie magic

I’ll post more data as I’m able.

This is the Perpetual Peavine Alley What-to-Bring Page.

It get chilly when the sun goes down. Do not be fooled!

My mint is in big-time. If you bring some nice rum and some limes we could make mojitos. But come early so we can make them before the movie chaos starts.


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