20211211 Paris

Day two here.  I’m back at chez (owned by) Coco dropping and resting before venturing out to try to find some food.

Hit the Rodin today.  Man, that guy could scrape some rock; am I right?  They have a comparative gallery for Rodin and Picasso currently.  Two great masters that go great together.  Spent an inordinate amount of time strolling through the grounds of the garden, soaking in the sculptures.  I could do this regularly.

Then I ventured over to see Nappy’s tomb.  Turns out that is part of a large complex including… a lot, including an enormous variety of armaments.  The thing to look for on a map is L’Hôtel national des Invalides.  On the grounds is the Musée de l’Armée which has the aforementioned ass-load of armaments.  Swords, pikes, spikes, canons (hand and cart), and all points in between.  If you are a history buff or military is of any interest there is a lot to see here.

Took some pictures of models which I know RL will want to see, being that he plays military campaign games.  Could be a new line of work for him!

I’ll add more later…

Ok.  Belly full.  Eyelids failing.  Another fine day.

I wanted to eat at Le Petit Canard but they were fully booked.  Instead I ate at Classico Argentino Pigalle.  Excellent empanadas, baked in a style presumably influenced by the French.  Little baked beauties.  Some of the best I’ve seen or eaten.  Quite a nice wine selection of Argentinian wines, including a Malbec rosé by Finca el Origen that’s working fine on its own.  Their dulce de leche has inspired me to improve upon my own.

Wanted to visit another bar to try talking with more people but I was just too beat.

Stopped and made a reservation at LPC for Tuesday at noon.  Can’t let that duck get away so easily.

Cleaned myself up and struggled not to pass out until I get this all typed ou…


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