Poem for Cecilia

I’m gonna write a new poem
not a sorry-sorry blue poem
’cause I’m a-writin’ it fer Cecilia

it won’t be a trap poem
nor a fully filled with crap poem
always tryin’ ta kill ya

it’s gonna be a great poem
a wake up change my fate poem
I c’n hardly wait to tell Cecilia

I’m gonna write a love poem
a butterfly in the bum poem
fill my pen with ink, now will ya

I’ll write a steamy sex poem
a tyrannosaurus rex poem
that’s just what I’ll do fer Cecilia

it will not a vexed poem
nor a neurotic quite perplexed poem
with joy it’ll surely fill ya

this perfect hum at work poem
this suit is just my fit poem
this poem that I done wrote fer Cecilia


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