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Epiphanie Sequence’s Sounds Abound

If you’ve known me for long and at all well, you know that my musical collection contains some odd gems.  I make no bones about this.  I actively seek out musical compositions which challenge the boundries of sound itself.  And in this I have made yet another wonderful discovery–so how’s about a little music review?

There is an album on its way into the world by Dr. Joseph Anderson called ‘Epiphanie Sequence’ and it should arrive at Sargasso on 23 June 2008.  The album contains three longish tracks:

  1. Kyai Pranaja (19:45)
  2. Mpingo – Matt Ingalls, bass clarinet(23:30)
  3. Pacific Slope (26:20)

Probably about a month ago I was listening to KBCS in my living room when I heard Mpingo and was immediately fascinated by what I heard and what I knew to be the source of the sounds.  This music is part of the genre known as Sound Sculpture.  According to Sargasso:

Rather than following traditional musical structures of harmony, melody and rhythm, many composers today are using electronic methods to ‘sculpt’ sound. Using natural sound sources such as acoustic instruments or everyday noises as starting points, they proceed to manipulate them to create new sonic materials. This process, although evolving in time, is perceived more as a tactile 3D object than as linear music. These compositions therefore are like audio-sculptures occupying a place in the listening space as well as in time.

Imagine you have a sound and it’s more like a piece of clay than a fixed piece of noise.  You can then mold that sound into multiple pliable entities.  This is a good model for what is happening here.  In Mpingo, Anderson begins with the simple breath’ing of Matt Ingalls bass clarinet and transforms those (otherwise) meager pre-musical sounds into vast soundscapes with striking musicallity and emotive deapth.

I am looking forward to hearing the other two tracks.  If they have been given the same sensitivity and attention as Mpingo then this trio will sit nicely in any room where speakers live.

I have pre-ordered a copy for myself.  I have asked Sargasso for a link to the album and when I have that I will update this post.  If you do drop by Sargasso and decide to get something, mention my little blog so they know how important we’ve become.