Some Notes on Adding Oats to Banana Bread

I usually just use the Joy of Cooking banana bread recipe.  Uncluttered and does a great loaf.  I add some chopped up dark chocolate but otherwise just the strait recipe.

Modulation with Dairy

I want to try adding oats.  Many of the recipes out there where the use oatmeal in banana bread also add a lot of dairy.  Not where I want to go but may as well start there.  I have made the following alterations to my usual.

  • sub 1/4 C of the sugar with brown
  • add 1/4 C yogurt (honey was what I had on-hand)
  • add ~1/4 C 2% milk (since the mixture was thicker (gloppier) than preferred (and it was what I had on-hand)
  • Also, I always sub 1/3 C whole wheat flour and continued that here

We shall see how that bakes up.

Baked up fine.  I am going to try adding a third banana and getting around the milk/yogurt thing.  Also, I’m going to try either grinding the oats (blender or food processor) or I’ll try using oat flour.

Modulation without Dairy

My latest version included 1/3 C whole wheat substitution though I forgot the brown sugar.  I added 1/3 C oatmeal and about 1/3 C combined oat bran and ground flaxseeds.  Rated excellent by those who tried it I would like to see the baked loaf be a little more crumby and less gooey.

Modulation Next

Repeating this last attempt but with four bananas and lowering the baking temperature to 325f (and extending the baking time from sixty minutes to 70 then bumped the temp up to 350f for another maybe twenty) and adding probably a tablespoon of molasses (and remembering to substitute in the 1/3 C of brown sugar).

Larger mass of dough/batter and I was a bit worried the loaf pans could overflow during baking, but after half an hour the pans were nearly full but looking just fine.

Still a bit on the chewy-gooey side.  I suspect the flax.  Contemplating the next version.


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