Some Notes on Adding Oats to Banana Bread

I usually just use the Joy of Cooking banana bread recipe.  Uncluttered and does a great loaf.  I add some chopped up dark chocolate but otherwise just the strait recipe.

I want to try adding oats.  I have made the following alterations to my usual.

  • sub 1/4 C of the sugar for brown
  • add 1/4 C yogurt (honey was what I had on-hand)
  • add ~1/4 C 2% milk (since the mixture was thicker (gloppier) than preferred (and it was what I had on-hand)
  • Also, I always sub 1/3 C whole wheat flour and continued that here

We shall see how that bakes up.

Baked up fine.  I am going to try adding a third banana and getting around the milk/yogurt thing.  Also, I’m going to try either grinding the oats (blender or food processor) or I’ll try using oat flour.


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